How To Build an Awesome Workbench for $60

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Today we finally make a workbench for the shop! Best part: we did it for under $60 worth of wood!

Thanks to NewAir for the WindPro18W High Velocity Wall-Mount Fan!
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Tony Duong says:

Awesome 😁 Thank you!

StuffyBarrel 62 says:

The turbo sound at 0:23 is amazing

Jake Forsht says:

i want the hair back

Robert Montgomery says:

Needs wheels and a vice

Michael Mitchem says:

As he decides to paint the top Nardo Grey… QQ

GuidedPrism 0w0 *Notices Buldge* says:

You should put a protective layer over the wood and maybe seal the gaps between the panels.

Speedskid says:

6:48 😂😂

Calliass44 says:

Can I recommend another upright in the middle give it a bit more strength

Ghetto Gecko says:

Junk? That's nothing, you should see my father's garage.

Freaky Dubstep says:

Pen : Aaaaaaaa..!?!?!?

Mr_Murdoc says:

Btw, what happened to the Previa? I liked that project

e says:

id gladly take those tires/rims off your hands lol

Israel Harris says:


Also the reason we give you so much shit about building a table if 90% you do work on the floor. That's really bad for your back.. Trust me… I am a cranky old man with bad knees and a misshapen back… you will be happier in your advanced years if you don't needlessly force your back into C shape in your misguided youth years.

Also your becoming a regular cabinet maker. God help us all if you get a table saw. 🙂

Ghetto Gecko says:

Music kinda soundin like 009 Sound System Dreamscape

Bruno Laramée says:

8:54 to 8:58 someone should do a song with it lol like a remix !!


Bruh this channel is about cars not furniture…

sam splawn says:

Forgot this dude was bald

Andres Arguelles says:

Epoxy the top of the bench. You get an amazing clear gloss finish and it will protect the wood for years if done right

ThatOneGuy8199 says:

cut the lock ya ding dong

Nicolas Teruel says:

1:14 LMAO

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