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Watch me build a rolling work bench that can house my table saw and work bench and give me a ton of garage storage. Be sure to leave a comment and subscribe if you like what you see.


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hardracer says:

What jointer brand/model is that?that table looked like it was kicking your butt at about the 6:40 mark with the legs.kinda funny at fast speed.l do like the design..good job man

darthdamian1 says:

this was great thanks for the great idea

Neptune_ed says:

dude great job i think Im going to update my work station thanks. : )

Dad man says:

There are a few things for diy table saw construction
Find a proven set of plans online
Find a mate who wants to build one too so you have another person to help you
(I discovered these and why they work on Wilfs Wood Blueprint website )

Brian Denison says:

Really enjoyed it, great job! Looks really good too!

Aldo Sosa says:

Nice, make more please. Liked the music around 10:15, not as distracting as the one used earlier. Good luck!

Bobby Gardner says:


David Rice says:

This is the best workstation I have been able to find. Great job bro! Im building the same one right now cause this is the simplest and most versatile build. Keep up the good work. What kind of projects to you build?

Dave Harris says:

Hey man. Just a piece of advice. You could have avoided a lot of that adjustment you speak of by just laying out your support placement before assembly. It would also speed up your work. I'm going to guess that when you say the table saw in the pocket, it was out of alignment with your table surface. When you chose to use your level instead of a measurement, you were then relying on your shop floor and a lot of other things being level instead of that good, solid number you had already figured out when you described setting the post height. Anyway, hope.this helps. Great job on the video. Peace.

Whitney Harry says:

Love the table, I’m working on mine now and this video has helped out a lot!!! Thank you 🤗

David Desjardins says:

Nice job! Wish I had the space for something like this

Programming Language Stuff says:

Real cool video, thank you for sharing. I like your simple but efficient and robust design. All turns out really nice. Greetings from Belgium :o)

Komar Project says:

Great job on the video. I think the voice over technique works well for you. Going to try it myself. So far I been doing just music background for the videos. Bench has a cool design as well. Keep them coming.

qball2000able says:

love the design, great video
thank you

Matt Reynolds says:

Great video mate. One small criticism; I can't hear your voice over the music otherwise awesome video

Bob Nicholas says:

Nice. Love the work room on top. Thx

ChileExpatFamily says:

Good job on the table. How does it do with the roller wheels and running material through the saw? Thanks from Chile. Jim

Space Dust Cards says:

Great video bro!!

Gas'n'Oil says:

Im really wanted to see how the fence on that table saw would move with the complete bench. Im about to buy the same saw and build a bench for it. Not sure if I want to recess the saw so that the extended fence is flush with the edge, of so that the tabletop is flush with the edge (like yours).

Nick DV says:

Nice build of a functional bench – and no fancy joinery 👍👍👍 Liked and subscribed 😎

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