How you can Mannequin a Workbench in Sketchup // Woodworking

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Welcome again to sketchup 101. In the present day is a good newbie/intermediate construct. For those who’ve by no means used sketchup earlier than..this is a great place to begin.

You probably have any questions, go away a remark and I will do my finest to maintain up with them, and remember to take a look at the precise construct video for the workbench:

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Ashley Bennett says:

This seems different to the actual video of the workbench, the build video shows the long stretchers on the outside, rather than the inside. And the join on the top seems different. Sorry I don’t know the exact terminology or if that doesn’t make sense, I’m just trying to make sense of both videos so I can build the bench soon.

Ronald Carper says:

When are you making the cut list video?

Stephen Orsini says:

Great job – save yourself a step by holding alt/option to copy and move at the same time. It’s a common function with Mac apps. Option + drag makes a duplicate.

Thanks for all your great shares – keep up the great work.

Agnis Krastiņš says:

Where you run?

Tom Gray says:

Well done. New user. You really helped me.

Sludgepump says:

Fantastic… Thanks Mike!

John Kopecky says:

Mike, I'm getting started using the browser version of sketchup. I've been following along trying to teach myself this. I get to the step around 4:55. The Push Pull Tool will only let me pull. It won't let me make an indention/offset/dado or whatever you'd like to call it. Am I missing something? Please help.

WoodRodent says:

Did the bottle next to the computer contribute to typing issue?

Walter ferguson says:

This apparently does not work within the free version because I cannot edit the design the way that you are doing. Mine looks totally different from your control panel.

Michael C Lusk says:

You're a little fast. Yes I know I can hit the rewind button, but you talk way to fast, and I'm from NY.

hosanna tamala says:

i mean your bench

hosanna tamala says:

how do you title you bench plz

Téva D says:

@mike would you be able to add some text in the video each time you say "inches" that gives the equivalent in centimeters please ?

Michael Andersen says:

Talking too fast,,

Truck'nstuff says:

Is this the free version of sketchup? TY

Anton Kravt says:

I was wondering if you can show us a tutorial on behalf of making the model you create on Sketchup 3d like, and converting it to life like image.


Dude awesome sketchup tutorial! I’ve messed with it some but learned a lot from this. Great video. Thanks for this man!

silveravnt says:

*oxymoron 😉

C Spann says:

Thanks for the great info Mike. Been teaching myself sketchup for a while and I just learned more in the past few minutes than in the past couple years. Just found out recently that free sketchup is now all online but I still sometimes use the old 2017 version because I can't find all the tools that were in the desktop version. I can also get very limited use of the online version on a mobile device but as I said, it's very limited. Maybe someday you can address that once you master it. I'll see what I can learn at this end

Kira Durbin says:

Thank you so much for doing this video!!! I didn't know where to start with Sketchup, and was just kind of winging it when it came to projects. This is awesome and I love you for taking the time to do this!!!

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