Mini Tabletop Workbench // woodworking

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I made this video displaying how I made my tabletop workbench. The rationale why I constructed this mini workbench was as a result of I did not have area to construct a full dimension workbench. The desk in my storage is option to low and there is not a option to mount a woodworking vise.

This workbench has labored nice thus far. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Music by Jahzzar


Robert Brunston says:

Very nice mini work bench! A bench like that could last someone a life time! Thank you.

apm gold says:

Hey Man great looking bench.
a great solution for people with limited space or a need to raise their working level up.
On the presentation side of things could I suggest that it would have been great if you had extended the length of the video before the click through links came up for your other videos, they come on just as we get to see the finished bench. The finished bench is the fruit of all your effort and skill and, for me, you didn't do yourself justice by cutting short the time we had to see the finished piece, which I think deserves more.

cheers, keep up the great work.

Sloanirrigation says:

What brand of vise did you use?

Charles Borden says:

Nice workbench but if you can add music you can add voice instructions. Tired of videos that say nothing.

loophole says:

great vid    love the music     class choice

Nikos DIY says:

One of my next projects for sure! Subbed! Feel welcome check my channel!

Alan Pinho says:

Great job, should last a long time. Thanks for posting

Kiki Lang says:

Thanks, cool.

edward charles says:

Nice work, but next time you saw off your dowels, (2:44) don't saw toward your fingers. You need those!

Will Dayble says:

Great stuff!

Phil Pinsky Productions says:

Dude, subbed! Great work!

Al's Hack Shack says:

Love it Jordan, great work, you just got yourself a subscriber!

maconSTUFF says:

Well done.. thanx for sharing… I may just make one myself…
Keep it up… I started with 7 subscribers 6 months ago, now at over 700 and it keeps growing "slowly :-)"
just keep doing what you're doing…

Sandie Rowles says:

Nice work, Jordan👍

Rag Tie says:

Very well done.

ManCraftingTM says:

I like the style, just curious how well the bench holds work pieces in place while working on them. Great idea for a limited space workshop.

Paul Meyette says:

Nicely done. Lets see some more content soon

MakeTinkerShare says:

Sweet looking!!! Way impressed dude!

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