NO BS- What each woodworker must find out about workbenches

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nrawayne says:

I'm a recently retired engineer and have been a jack of all trades since I was a young teenager. Needless to say my woodworking skills are just now beginning to grow. I built a workbench ten years ago and regretted the design ever since. I made it 36" deep which makes it very difficult for a man of 5' 7" to reach the tools hanging on the wall above it. I've been thinking about rebuilding it this spring and I am VERY happy I just watched this video. Now I realize that I did everything wrong aside from the fact that it is very heavy duty.
I'm going to build it with all of your recommendations because they make sense and I now finally understand the features that are often present on woodworking workbenches. Great video.

varun009 says:

Can't afford one… I'll stick to making slab furniture till I know how to build one.

HaasGrotesk says:

Who the hell does woodworking and buys a workbench or a vise? Just build it! A moxon vise is the easiest and cheapest thing you can build!

Joey Night Train says:

Great Overview Man! Thanks

TediumGenius says:

Thanks Stumpy! This is one of those subjects where I said to myself, "what could I really learn [new] from this video?!" Since it was you, I watched, and I'm damned glad I did before considering my own build. I learned more than I imagined- one of those, "you don't know what you don't know…" ignorant of my own ignorance on the topic… so to speak. Thanks again!!!!

Brian Minghella says:

If they had quick action Record vices and tail vices in Rubio’s day they would have pissed off the screw vice and bought one. I am as traditionalist as they come but you can keep that Dinosaur.
The Rubio in any event is more of a Joiners Bench than a Finishing/final assembly Cabinetmakers bench. Metal dogs are great for jointing/ thicknessing rough sawn timbers if you do not have a Joiner and thicknesser but who does that anymore ?
For finish work wooden dogs are much safer. I used on an old Rubio for a while when I was an apprentice and it was a hack work bench, no more. Hated having to use it.
When Jointers and Thickness planers replaced them the old long Rubio style bench became an obsolete space waster. Kind of sad yes but in a professional shop, space is to valuable as well as time.
The Bench rarely needs to be used for much more than marking, cutting, trimming and fitting. Assembly/gluing etc is much easier to do on trestles. As a second and third pair of hands the modern bench is still a vital tool but it does not need to be very big.
Guys build Rubio’s for the instant old school craftsman cred but my grandfather never used one and the masters I apprenticed with preferred smaller lower cabinet makers benches too.

I Had A Bad Day says:

Thanks, Nubs

king fox says:

Im going to sand of the logo and tell john dave and steve i made it .Wife say's it will look great if we put it in the art studio in the guest house.thank you so much for the decorating help nubey's!

Pete's Shop Makes says:

Can you please tell me the brand or where you happened to get that dog hole anvil plate? I’ve searched online and haven’t been able to pull anything up that is remotely close. Thanks in advance.

John Eberhardt says:

Super nice! Thanks!

Screamin v8 says:

Glad I saw this video, you did a great job explaining construction benefits. I'm building a bench now and may have to change a few things, because of your advise..Great video thank you.

Dan Mott says:

nice tips. thanks for posting

Jerry Herndon says:

Your review was excellent. I built my work bench 10 years ago and it is pretty simple: face vise, tail vice, dog holes. Very flat maple top, 4×4 SYP base with mortise and tenon joints, no nails, screws, or bolts and no tool tray.
I figured a woodworker worth his salt should build his own.
My vises have that quick release feature. I agree with you, they're more trouble than benefit.

Robert Foedisch says:

Your show has improved 1000%

James Taylor says:

Good advice. Made me rethink some of my ideas for my next bench. Question: what size (length, width & height) do you feel is best?

TomKaren94 says:

i buy used solid core flush doors and use those as a surface. Even mounted one into a work cabinet. Worked great.

tirta keniten says:

Hi, I'm from Indonesia.
It's so hard to find workbench supply in Indonesia. If you know where I can find workbench supply, please reply my comment. Thank you.

Thomas Moeller says:

Thank you very much for the information. Very helpful.

Harrison Cardillo says:

"He who dies with the most tools wins."

Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do, but you're on!

Steel and Tree Design says:

You are an excellent teacher👌

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