Reinforcing the Workbench with Flooring

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It wasn’t way back that I just lately constructed my workbench and on this video I present how anybody can use flooring as a bench prime. The flooring was given to me without charge by a really beneficiant neighbor of mine that I can’t cease thanking, however with simply any scraps of flooring you possibly can reinforce your bench as nicely. Thanks once more for watching, I hope you guys take pleasure in this video, and please try my earlier movies….

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Ty Howard says:

Really Great Concept! I'm thinking of doing this on my new workbench. Thanks for sharing!

tachidito says:

I'm looking for good ideas and I like this one. I think it's a great job

Trenton is good at minecraft says:

Good looking bench. What grit did you use?

Rui Teixeira says:

Very cool!! I thought about using the floor to save money but I was afraid… Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Learner-Learns says:

Nice bench! Wy can't young people pronounce "satin." It sounds like "sa-in."

blurryvizion says:

Looking great! Keep up the good work!

girdhar vaidya says:

Nice work. One suggestion, please use proper extension cable fr your tools. I saw you using a cheap extension for the sander. Not safe and not good for the tool.
Keep it up .

Dee Downs says:

Nice job on the bench.

Paolo Pinsone says:

Very nice Idea! Well done

The Wood Whisperer says:

A cool use for flooring scraps. Thanks for sharing Ronny!

Becky Ganoung says:

Derrick here from Woodworkers Anonymous , At first I was thinking , ah man way too much glue but you wowed me in the end with the finish looks amazing and I am proud to have you in our little facebook group ! keep on keeping on mate! I look forward to more videos and posts from you !

Matt Lane says:

looks great Ronny, should hold up well!

Laney Shaughnessy says:

Ronny Great Job, I really like the New Top and using the wood flooring is a great idea..It really popped when you added the finish…

Darbin Orvar says:

Great job you did on the bench!

David Colley says:

Nice use of the flooring (and good score).  Keep the vids coming, looking forward to your projects.

Jashua nunez says:

Keep up the good work man also wishing you a sincere happy birthday

Dema's WoodShop says:

Nice rack 😉

lilscrew98 says:


Eddy MMG says:

Np Ron and happy birthday. It was fun helping.

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