Softwood Workbench VS Hardwood Workbench

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TheBearGrylz says:

I’ll pass up other channels covering the same topics to watch yours. Always straight forward explanations. Always well done.

Kevin McMahon says:

In Australia we use Iron Bark Gum (Eucalyptus). It's tough, strong and bullet proof. Even the bark is tough.

Robert Bizzarro says:

"Clutter Catcher", that's how I feel about it. I'm building my first Roubo Style Work Bench right now and I plan to add the tool well and add the spacer like you have for holding chisels and such upright as I work .

boatbuilder1 says:

Hey Jay, Are You originally from Michigan or do you just like the Detroit Teams?
Thanks also for some great Videos
Dale in Michigan

Andrew Eischen says:

Thank you very much for this vid. I’ve been battling the “wood type” question for a while. Aside from the tools needed to build my work bench it will be the first thing I make. With low income towards projects I’ve been waiting and saving for what could be an unnecessarily expensive build(relative expense).

Bogdan Justin Chiritoiu says:

Thank you for hints! Great idea, great job!

bajojohn says:

That’s part of the reason I dislike hickory drumsticks. They just don’t feel good when you hit cymbals.

Damien Gregory says:

Does the bottom of your chop have a taper to match the wedge so the wedge always has 100% contact across the width of the chop?

Sean Diaz says:

The handtool wall is growing! Great pointers!


Great video

Jason F says:

Christopher Schwarz use southern white pin in his benches.

bluesideup007 says:

Thanks so much. Not may woodworkers have an opportunity to compare the same design side by side. I've been using hand-made dowel dogs with bullet catches for years ("until I could afford the nice ones"- never needed to upgrade). I have a Veritas Wonder Dog too and love it. If you attach a small block of softwood to it's face, it won't mar the edge of your board. Wonder Dog does interfere with planing thin stock. Wooden dowel dogs will never mar the face of your plane if you accidentally strike one.

Tim Cade says:

So if you make the comparison to anvil, your hardwood is the same as a good forged steel and the softwood would be compared to the cast iron.

claybear000 says:

Good info. Thanks for sharing. I was going to make a maple top bench, now I'm rethinking that.

Winegarden Workshop - spencerjw says:

Jay, are your plans in such a format that they can be easily modified to fit my required dimensions? I know they are Sketchup files, but hoping all components were created so the dimensions could be modified.

Pete Kendrick says:

I will mount the top of the bin down 3/4" and make a cover that is even with top of bench… Increasing work surface if needed. Great video

ShopDust says:

Thanks Jay, great information. I'm looking into building a bench in the near future. But have been holding because of the cost of hard woods in my area (Alaska). But I like the explanation of a softer wood like Douglas Fir keeping down the vibration, and cost. I think Ove made a decision.

Bob Amy says:

Do you like the location of the tray? Would you ever consider putting it in the middle of the workbench

Blue SlyDer says:

I really like your logo very cool design 👍👍

norman white says:

Jay, you might try some vibration isolating material under the legs of the Hickory workbench. i use to use it to isolate and absorb pump vibration from the building structure. If your shop floor is concrete it should dampen some of the energy when you are working at the table. The black rubber waffle material used for this purpose is rather inexpensive. Not sure where you can get it in your area, but anybody that does commercial air conditioning work can get some or tell you where to get it. Thanks for the tips on building a good workbench–much appreciated.

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