Wooden Pockets DIY

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Make your personal RFID blocking, picket pockets!
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Alejandro Cota says:

Bro! You’re a mutha•lovin’ genius! WHO ARE YOU?!?!

Bakthavathsal Kadambi says:

best wooden wallet project. Crisp video is the hallmark of your channel. Thanks

Don Fillenworth says:

Great idea. I’ll be making one. Thanks for sharing.

Casual DIY says:

One of the best wooden wallets I seen, great job!

hulian85 says:

Very cool! I was getting ready to make one and thought I should check on here first to look for some tips and tricks. Thanks for the great video!

Want Some girls says:

That is a nice wallet but I personally would not trust it enough

li yy says:

i made it thank u to one minute workbench

Blaise Thirard says:

What is the name of the tool at 2:57 ?

Loránd Méhes says:

My sis wants a wallet for chrismas, now i can give it to her

Wayne K says:

Super nice! I need to try to build one of these!

Austin Hastings says:

That looks nice, and you provided great directions!

Brian Christiansen says:

Subscriber out of me! 😁 I have a very similar workshop setup with many of the same tools! So cool! 👍

Zachery Kissoon says:

Its cracked!

Nicky Louloudis says:

Dam I want one you could sell hundreds of theses awesome 🙂

Kory Webb says:

I like it. Don't think I would put it in my back pocket tho

Nils G says:

That's sharp! I know what I'm making this weekend


I think some1 already did it on kickstarter , from Slovenia i think

Landon Beck says:

One small addition that I would make would be a shallow recess for the copper tape so that the cards don’t eventually wear it out.

Pedro Eugenio Pezzana says:

Great idea,good job

Para 40 says:

very nice,top

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