Wood Drill Press Vise DIY

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DIY Wood Drill Press Vise!
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Darren Rutgers says:

Great video. What is the marking tool you have. How is it made. Thanks

laura flores says:

this is awesome!! I need to build this!

nick longstaffe says:

@ 3:00 couldn't u just use the old one as a template?

Moot point I agree, but just saying

Russell Edwards says:

There will be another one of these in the world next weekend. Thanks

Joseph Erwin says:

Quick and very handy!

Jim Benge says:

Great little tool. I'm going to have a go at this but I'm thinking of embedding an extra nut into the frame to take the bolt instead of relying on the wooden thread. I know with my heavy hand I'd have that stripped in no time.

Navin Kotadia says:

One of the Best Variations to add to my collection of Vices. Thanks !


Show de bola!
Quando eu puder vou conhecer sua marcenaria, você é um grande profissional.

Franks DIY says:

That is a great idea

PhunKiss Artistic Creations says:

Now that is a handy tool you've made there and absolutely love the removable base. Great project!

Richard Reynolds says:

Always enjoy your projects. Very well engineered. Easy to follow videos.

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