Woodwork tool kit for the beginner

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Visit //www.christribefurniturecourses.com/ – Description of the recommended woodwork hand tool kit for the beginner wanting to go beyond DIY.


Mile High Slacker says:

In some respects, we are ALL early on our journey of woodworking. 🙂 I really like your videos! Thanks!

Michael Anderson says:

It’s great to have you back Chris, keep up the good work.

Mike Fewster says:

Good stuff Chris, this is the sort advice many of us could have done with before we embarked on our woodworking journey. I am now the owner of a huge collection of tools most of which just gather dust .. I must have a clear-out sometime! Mike

chris birkitt says:

hi Chris would you like me to come to your shop for a day and show some of your students how sharpen a saw .

Ilyas Degha says:

Hi Chris, been subscribed for a while, great to see a new video and that there are some more to come! If you would accept a little constructive criticism- the camera seems to not have been positioned horizontally in relation to your workbench and some horizontal lines behind you (like the bottom of your tool walls). As a result you appear to be sat on a downward slope. Fixing a little issue like this would greatly improve your production value in my humble opinion. Again, looking forward to the upcoming videos and good to see you back!

patchedupdemon says:

good to see u back
concerning double bevel marking blades,you can just tilt it away from the rulers edge and ride the bevel i=on the it then you have a perfect mark


Mr. Tribe, Thanks. Look forward to your future installments.

1978ajax says:

Nice round up. Immediately thought you were on the right lines when I saw the 5 1/2 on the bench; I would think 90% of my planing is done with the this great all-rounder, and I don't even own a 4 any longer.
I have found over the years that one quite naturally goes through a tool-accumulating phase, followed by a tool limiting phase, and eventually settle down to using very few tools regularly, though having more specialist items on hand.
I don't use any power tools other than a cordless drill (and then I use the brace and bit or egg-beater drills far more often), and the other tools I use most are the 5 1/2, a nice old 1 1/2" paring chisel, a 1 1/4" Narex bench chisel (_love_ Narex) , an Diston 24" / 8 tpi rip saw, an old S&J 12" / 11tpi rip tenon saw, and a few cabinet scrapers. These come out for virtually every job, and if I were starting again, would be the first things I would buy. My line is furniture restoration and new builds, plus various new bench-sized projects. Those doing far heavier work would choose differently perhaps.
I guess my only real disagreement is the sharpening stones; I moved to high-quality diamond stones 6 years ago and never looked back – the flatness and lack of tedious maintenance rules the day for me.
Nice to see you here again, looking forward to more.

Avenarius says:

So pleased to see you back again Chris. I watch (and learn a lot from) the various different woodworking channels, but I absolutely love your style, calm pace and approach – so I'm really looking forward to your new series. It's wonderful that so many new people are taking up working with hand tools, entirely because people like you are so generously providing this valuable resource.

Bill K. says:

Great start Chris, looking forward to more in the series. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

tatilbury says:

Brilliant news chris best of luck with the videos.

Richard Dunn says:

Very thorough overview, thanks Chris👍🏻

Jon H says:

Regarding the clamp heads. Screwfix are cheapest for the new Irwin heads, old Record ones are always on eBay. The Irwin’s are perfectly well cast, but the screw is longer. It’s best not to use them with the screw fully extended as it puts a lot of pressure on the top of the casting from the increased lifting effect when tightened.

chris birkitt says:

hi Chris £15.00 for cramp heads on eBay new I do like you're way of working please keep up the good work. I once posted on UK workshop about saw sharpening and a few lads came it was a pleasure to teach them how to sharpen saws its a dying craft so we need to keep showing it to the new guys . pete

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