50 Greenback Selfmade Clamps System | Woodworking Mission

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I constructed this selfmade wall mounted clamping system for 50 . I’ve some bigger initiatives i have to sort out in my wooden working store and having an affordable compact and simple to retailer clamping system made excellent sense. Utilizing building grade materials to construct this technique and it labored out nice. if you wish to construct one for your self there are plans linked beneath.
Clamp System Plans – https://www.izzyswan.com/collections/paid-plans/merchandise/wall-mount-clamping-station-plans
Billy McCords channel – https://www.youtube.com/consumer/videobill2007

web site – https://www.izzyswan.com/


wja farrow says:

Why not drill holes for dowels and then get blocks with dowels in the center of them that you can just pop into place instead of screwing the blocks in?

Nate Kejick says:

This a separate question I have an old no good table saw n was wondering what I can make it into other than replacing saw motor

Dale Deimel says:

You are the Chuck Barry of wood working. Man you are great izzy.

Eder Mendez says:

You lost me with the vpn ad

геннадий кузя says:

Отличная идея. Супер.

G Moore says:

Iszzy how about that clamp you’re using on the working bench? Did you make that?

Jk Canvas says:

I saw this on instagram and thought what a genius idea. thank you for sharing.

Анюта мастер says:

Очень удобно! Класс)))

Rocky Wright says:

you have a special gift of vision my friend. i love your videos.

Celal Ünal says:

good job
very goooood job👏👏👏👍

Александр Бахрах says:

выдавит клей – будет трудно вытащить заготовку из струбцин

Robert Sheward says:

If you if you were using 2×4's and planing them and trimming them on a table saw and gluing two of them together and planing and trimming again, why didn't you just start out with 4×4's? (Great idea though)

Jorge A. Presno Rubin says:

How about puting a hooks on the end of all the clamps and some on the roof so you can use some string to pull the glued board up and keep acces to the wall?

Andrew Klein says:

Very Cool Izzy, the industrial equivalents cost a fortune!

ObsessionPC says:

neat idea for sure. I wouldn't trust the dado on the wall though, there is a lot of weight on that and it feels like the weak point. Would be interesting to see this a few uses in.

William Fitzer says:

Where did you get that face vice?

Gladious789 says:

Not for me. But creative. I think glue would get everywhere.

Shawn Chamberlin says:

Really cool design! I don't do that many panel glue ups, so i wouldn't have much use for it, but i could def consider building this in the future. Nice work!

YouCanMakeThisToo says:

I love your whimsical crazy hugs, but these cheap and super useful shop tools are giving them a run for their money!

Neil Barnwell says:

Out of interest – what screws are you using in that cinderblock wall that means you don't need to use rawlplugs?

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