Loopy Simple Selfmade Bar Clamps | DIY

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Selfmade Bar Clamps for woodworking do not get any simpler than this. That is the best manner I’ve ever seen to make nice dependable nice preforming low upkeep do-it-yourself clamps for gluing up panels and desk tops.

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christophe leblanc says:

could incorporate directly in a bench top , ,and only need one top piece,,,

Jovo Sedlar says:

man brate (read brah taeh)* fellow woodworker,
i'm just impressed with your video! what i think you did great was 1. camera 2. your enthusiastic tone 3. your biker look with a specific menacing beard and most important my fellow woodworkers what we actually all came here for THE LESSON was just great! i got you completely. lesson was so simple yet so useful. you made it look like a piece of cake. i also was impressed how you upsized the measurements to adjust for the thicker dowell on the spot with ease

Kevin Lucas says:

Love it brother

Glen Everett says:

Awsome video. Tips and tricks are always welcome 😊

Oonagh72 says:

What is that amazing stretching ruler? I must own this!

Joe DeMarco says:

Great. Clamp and caul in one tool. Could have used these a couple of months ago.

J Thomas says:

Great Video

Jonathan Gwynne says:

Since you're using hardwood, could you not thread the dowels/holes to eliminate the need for clamps to provide clamping force?

kooky flukes says:

Nice and simple cheers Izzy

Scrap wood City says:

The best ideas are simple! Thanks for sharing this man! The wedge was an awesome idea!

redwood1957 says:

would you use two of these to do a cutting board

zenontherocks says:

"Just mark a line down the center…" Freehands it. Holy cow, it's the little things that make you realize how pro this guy is.

Espen Lodden says:

Thanks! More stuff like this is always useful.

Ladywood2 says:

I tend to be intimidated 😩by your videos since my experience is nowhere near your skill level, but this I can do!

Jason Williams says:

HELP – TOOL QUESTION — The accordion-style marking tool he uses at 1:42…what's that called? I've tried googling everything I can think of and still can't find one. Is it a common tool or an Izzy original?

Alan Pinho says:

I love these clamps, nice job, they will make terrific Xmas gifts, thanks for the video! ☺

Team_Flint says:

Thank you I did not no that one and I could do with some cheap clamps that are easy to make

Ed Maynard says:

Hey Izzy, What brand of fornster bit is that you use?

Jacob Gillespie says:

Now that's slick! Thanks!

Gib Clark says:


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