Harbor Freight F-clamps- AVOID black mannequin

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I simply need to level out that some Harbor Freight clamps are higher than others. Concentrate before you purchase.


Rob Gibson says:

Of course i watch this right after i pick some up. And of course they're the black ones.

Hahahaha. Thanks for the tip!

cltinseattle1 says:

I just ordered 6", 12", and 18" clamps from their website making sure I ordered the blue ones. They swapped all of the part numbers and sent me the black ones. Guess they don't have the blue ones any more.

twes619 says:

Their clamp prices are great. Compared to$34 bucks or more at home Depot for what I do, these work great for me. Home repairs and diy stuff for me.

Mr. Mickles says:

Purchased two and they seem to be some sort of hybrid. Blueish metal, glossy bar, black handle, soft pads. Work well enough for my crap.

Ed Pontiff says:

I have both models and have no problems with ether one , they do the job equally well !

mixwell1983 says:

One thing i have noticed is some of the grooves on them are cut deeper than others. I dont know if they sell the black handle anymore.

Soo far no problems with the blue handles.

Ray B. says:

Another good mod is for use holding round stock such as rebar to a welding table is file a groove or round slot into the fixed jaw and tighten clamp from under the table.. Works great holding the rebar in place!

Ray B. says:

I don't think they make the blue model wit the flat black shaft anymore.. I do have the black ones with the shiny shaft and they have held up pretty good for welding.. I have noticed they don't want to release at times.. I will try lubing them and see if this helps.. Still a great deal for $2.99!

Ray B. says:

I just bought the 6" and 12" clamps at HF today and all they had is the black ones.. I found they all moved smoothly and a great deal for the price paid! Maybe they had a bad batch or improved them? The cast parts are blue with crinkle paint and they actually look pretty nice too.. I plan on using on my welding table so the plastic pads aren't that important to me but I saved them in case I want to use on wood..

Vaping Asylum says:

My blue one just slides down when I tighten it…

Richard Roby says:

Do they still sell them both?

Anton Bouchette says:

I've been using all styles of woodworking clamps since 1974. I have NEVER had a problem with ANY of them. What the fuck is up with all this bullshit regarding clamps. What do you morons use them for, attaching the track to an Abrahms tank???

Joseph White says:

I find that a lot of harbor freight stuff can be hit and miss. You really need to inspect the tool before buying because the manufacturing consistency can all over the place sometimes. I bought a bunch of welding clamps when I first got my Everlast welder. I made sure to check every one of them at the store before buying.

Ruiner177 says:

They still carry the blue ones where I live

Sean C. Rothschild says:

Sheesh, If only you produced for cnn, msnbc, cbs, npr…etc…If only they cared about CRED…truth….facts….whats right…

Sam G says:

Do they still sell the blue ones? I have a couple, but could use some more.

tkarlmann says:

Fix for HF Black Clamps! I just figured out how to fix the main problem I HAD with HF #62239 6" Bar Clamps! Problem solved was the clamp sliding along its bar and not holding in one place. You simply remove the spring, retention it, and reinsert it! OK, look for the part of the chrome latch that has a curl in the end. Now check that a spring is loose in there, as all mine were. It's a black "V"-shaped spring, but you are seeing just a round bend in the spring as it has two halves. Now get a Good Light. Illuminate the edge of gray-colored clamp body just opposite that curly latch part. you should see the two ends of the spring. With small screwdriver and needle-nose pliers pull each end of the spring free of the step that's holding it captive. Now pull the spring out. When out, all my non-working clamps' springs had about a 30-degree bend in them. Bend each arm of the spring to about 45-degrees. Now put the spring back in — yes, it's a fiddly operation, but you can do it! Put each arm back over the step with screwdriver and/or NN-pliers. Make sure the rounded end ends up under that curve of the chrome latch, and you are done!

Note: this won't even address other problems with the black clamps, but the lack of retention of the body was the Deal Breaker for me. Do this quickly, as this author removed my other comment!!

Can't Stop says:

Perfect for clamping nipples

Mike G says:

I have several of the black ones, as well as several Bessey clamps of the same size. Yeah, the HF clamps aren't as well-made as the Bessey clamps, but they're not as expensive as the Besseys either. On my black HF clamps, the pads kept falling off, but a spot of hot glue fixed that. I did notice, as you did, that the threading wasn't as smooth as other clamps, but a bit of lubricant also took care of that. Mine do what they're supposed to do, so for $2.99 each I can't complain. The blue clamps are still available at HF…next time I'm in, I'll give them a comparison look.

Guitar Whores says:

I went and bought a bunch of different clamps from Harbor Freight and bought one of the black handle clamps in the vid. I will comfirm that it is crap. I like the long trigger grip clamps I got though.

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