Learn how to: Bar Clamp Bench Vise

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I noticed an image on fb exhibiting a piece bench coated in vises and it integrated some vises made out of bar clamps. That is most likely not one of the best construct as a result of I used to be brief on time.


Headknocker says:

I like it a lot.. I might build one like yours for the end of my bench..
You are limited by the width & pipes & rods to put anything in the vise like say a saw that needs sharpening etc.
I have one I made up with two bar clamps, It's major downfall is that the clamps where made in taiwan from harbor freight & are crap, Yours appear to be good ole vintage ones which I doubt are even available any more.. 1/2" or 3/4" I used 3/4" because I had them..
And stated below these are different than the jay bates vise & he didn't invent it either , I first saw one as a boy in the mid/late 60s.. We didn't have internet back then boys..

martino amello says:

Not a bad idea. I have a decent face vise already, but this could work out as a shoulder vise to use with dog holes on the end of the bench, something I've been kicking around awhile now.

JLSA & Marcenaria says:

Show ded Bola,Blz!!!,

Robert Brand says:

Really great and easy plan….

azuz ali says:

Good idea, thanks πŸ‘

dmmflys says:

You have some real innovation over some of the other pipe lamp vices I've seen. Liked how you used a peace plywood to add between the back plates for mounting and rigidity. Also the guide rods. Thank you for the video.

Smoke eater says:

Well played. Making a workbench now and am looking for ideas. NiceπŸ‘

Maria Vittoria says:

Heya, The best woodworking blueprints that I have ever used are from Jacobs magic plan (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most detailed woodworking plans that I have ever used.

Mustafa Jannan says:

The plans are by Jay Bates. Nice vid btw:-)

TheWoodWerker says:

Sweet! I like it Chris! Might have to make one of these in the near future! LIKED & SUBBED. Have A Super Blessed Week!….. Gus

Maarten Happel says:

now to find a way to make the release easier. Should be possible πŸ™‚
Nice work!

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