How To Make A Wood Bar Clamp

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This can be a extra detailed construct video for my picket bar clamp.
Detailed construct article and free plans for this clamp can be found right here:

The unique video is right here:

Spanish captions because of Sergio:


Gilbert Chircop says:

Hello i love it and with the plans that you have put on this clip I have done 3 of it
thank you very much

Sean Signer says:

John, I'm going to make your clamp, but was thinking about joining the bar to the clamp part B with hardwood dowels? Do you think this would strengthen or weaken this joint? By the way your videos are a great help to woodworkers on a tight budget.

LloydAlexander58 says:

I really like your videos, you give me so many ideas and plans for what I want to build myself when I do get my own shop eventually, just need to buy a house 🙂

waking up with wood says:

Just made some of these clamps they are awesome, thanks for the great project and plans

Artigianato, Made in Italy, Bellezze d'Italia says:


mieguistumas says:

That is a big mitter saw. I wonder if it suffers from the same issues, that make other woodworkers say, that it is not a good way of cutting wood (because it flexes and it leaves rough cut).

Matt Neff says:

Very nice!! Thinking I might build a few…

Navy Ghost says:

thanks john u r professional , i like it  

Holden Davis says:

just wondering what kind of blade you have on your miter, it doesn't look like metal so I was wondering what the material was. anyways, nice project!

Rocket Burner says:

i often take a look at your channel found a lot of jigs and tools to make it much easier to get a job done your channel is very interesting and well made best regards from germany

David Jirak says:

Great video and pdf instructions.  Thanks a bunch.  I'm heading out to the shop to make at least one.

tscsoccer12 says:

Can i make this from birch ply

tscsoccer12 says:

Hi john. I am 14 and i love to build with wood. I can use any tool well. Today i turned my crappy little tablesae into a big nice one like yours. I have 2 clamps and really need more. I really want to make these ones. I only have pine wood. Would that be ok to build a clamp with? I also have to very hard high quality plywood. Would that work either?


buenas noches John Heisz  tiene los planos de los gatos 
melos podria mandar gracias 

Woodeso's Guitar Mods says:

First..awesome video.  Always love the detail you provide.  Speaking or not;-) Do your thing!  Also..I'm curious about your glue ups.  I notice unlike some other woodworkers, you apply glue like a contractor would..quick and on most of one side.  While other woodworkers, swear you have to coat both sides and have just the right amount of glue.  I've been wood working for 10 years or so and done both and never had any problems with glue joints failing.  I assume you know the joint won't fail for some reason? I see you have mechanical fasteners, but I assume those are just temporary clamps for the glue to dry.

carr869 says:

I just went and checked out your web site. YEE HAW!!! I am gonna have so much fun making these projects. Thank you. (Tom)

carr869 says:

Excellent job. Thank you taking the time to make and share this with us. (Tom)

Mark Gstohl says:

Like the commentary on the build.

Earl Schrader says:

Thanks, I have been looking for some clamps like this, but now instead of buying, I will make some of these. Thanks again

Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French says:

I love your videos and love this clamp. I remember watching your first video on this and couldn't completely follow some parts. So I'm glad you made a more in depth, narrative video. I'll be checking out your plans right now. Thanks!

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