How one can The C.U.JMY. huge mac wood bar clamp 4ft unfold

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www.island.web/~macduff2 constructed from laminated pine, 4ft unfold, fast modify heel, slick sliding head and light-weight however with nice heel gripping energy on the bar


seumas2 says:

You have little else to do

Vadym Volodko says:

You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.


pelit si pakde

cuma foto slide aja

seumas2 says:

macduff says I don’ think so

Katherine Meigl says:

I've just made it. If you want you can learn on woodprix website how to make it.Best solutions I think.

Borys Fomichev says:

Love your project. I made similar with WoodPrix instructions.

Cravens Boughner says:

I bought excellent handbook from woodprix website. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

seumas2 says:

Light weight from pine

seumas2 says:

The heel is a14in. Less than the height of the bar on which it slides, this slack is taken up with two cabinet grabber screws, precisely placed through the heel to grab on the top and bottom on the bar, these have to be placed so as the heel slightly off the vertical, becomes vertical when tightened from the head. One top fore, one bottom aft. Celtic English

Joshua Harley-sellers says:

How does the heel part work ?

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