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A brand new design bar clamp ( four FT ) utilizing I BEAM and a used/recycled timing belt .


Kevin Blanc says:

You must have a friend at an auto shop?

Created by Cay says:

Looks awesome. Any idea how much clamping force this clamp can apply?

Mark Langenkamp says:

Count how many times he says, "here." In all seriousness, this here is a beautiful clamp right here.

Grandadkev says:

Wow what a brilliant design and super construction. I need some long bar clamps for my next project and have been thinking about using plywood for a while, as hardwood is not readily available here in the UK and is quite expensive. Your "I" beam has convinced me. It would be nice to see more cut away photos of your moving head as the construction of this is not too clear? Keep up the good work. Have just subscribed and will await your next project with interest!

David Domagala says:

Solid clamping bar with a lot of power. Well explained in the video. Thanks for sharing this. Will keep in mind when needed.

TheWoodWerker says:

Wow! Beautifully engineered! Thank You SO MUCH for Sharing your amazing knowledge with us! It’s TRULY appreciated! I’m proud to be a subscriber! Have A Super Week!…..Gus

Kevin Rose says:

Another excellent video and great design for a bar clamp. Thx.

Kevin Rose says:

Another excellent video and great design for a bar clamp. Thx.

lnesland says:

Very nice design. But its not "easy bar clamp".

chiggymonkey says:

So what does the pin do, does it go through the little block with the steps cut in?

Brian Procter says:

You are always thinking outside the box, great design, That jam nut that you say locks on the screw, is it the stover type. They of course don't lock on but are much better than nylock nuts. Permatex red thread locking liquid will lock it on for sure, takes heat to get it off. I made some bolts from ready rod, with it yesterday for a project I am working on, will be doing a video of it in the near future.

Jim Milne says:

I continue to pleasantly delighted by your ingenuity and craftsmanship. Another creatively designed, useful tool. Toyota timing belts . . . I'm off to the dealership.

Eric Kelley says:

Very clever!!👍👍

j dog says:

Nice! ..also, thank you for using the word "each" instead of "either" when talking about something that is done to both sides. I don't know why people would use the word "either" in that case, but many do. I have a funny anecdote of when I was an apprentice plumber and my journeyman gave me instructions to mark and drill a hole on either side of a mounting bracket.. Lol ..I thought he was giving me a choice.. …Anyway.. ..so, whsts your source for used timing belts?

Glenn Felpel says:

Well done, some good thinking went into this design. Really like the use of timing a belt.  Thank you

Dave Nichols says:

SWEET! What a great discovery!

David Dickmeyer says:

Very nice! Do you ever get any sleep?

The Wood Yogi says:

Genius and superb as always 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂 Blessings ॐ

Franks DIY says:

Very nice. Thank you for sharing

Average Joe says:

Very nice. Thank you for sharing

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