Improving budget aluminum bar clamps for woodworking

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Modifying and improving cheap woodworking clamps purchased at harbor freight. These simple inexpensive improvements make the tool stronger and easier to use.

The ideas in this video were inspired by other woodworkers. The biggest influence on the subject is Life Style Woodworker Paul Sellers. If Paul didn’t come up with the idea of inserting a wood core into the bar clamp, then he sure did popularize it.

Paul Sellers video:

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Biff Dingus says:

I have a few of these, along with many other HF clamps. They are really not terrible clamps for the money.

Decker Prairie Woodworks says:


Peter Fitzpatrick says:

Nice job Nate… a thin coating of epoxy or foaming poly adhesive on the wood
& the alum internal surface before assembly would increase the rigidity substantially, if a little messy… 😏
thanks for the vid man…. 😎

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