Unimaginable Selfmade Bar Clamps | Diy Woodworking Challenge

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The efficiency of those home made bar clamps / Panel clamps is Superior! they may be my favourite store clamp construct of all. They may come in useful in lots of my woodworking initiatives and are fairly straight ahead to construct.

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Deals 360 says:

Love those clamps, one clamp takes the place of two.

Maurice Jenkins says:

Perfect! they work great! built 6 to glue up workbench top and it came out near perfect flat top. many thanks. I don't know what I would do without your help.

Kevin Lucas says:

That does look like a pretty amazing clamping system, I don’t work with metal yet, but I would like to see that build with metal.

Ben Moeller says:

1:31 was that the old PowerPoint "laser" sound byte?

Chris Klix says:

These are great. I have a few glue ups coming up and I may have to build some of these. Thanks for sharing.

Adrian Trace says:

Hi Izzy, I like this, it has an elegant simplicity but is a bit bulky for my tiny shop so metal version could be interesting!

Samuel Haworth says:

Wow! Does your creative mind ever rest? I would be interested on hearing how you get from concept to project ..for example sketches,notes, do you keep a notebook?

Zack Crabtree says:

Feddie needs to send you a “Shocker push stick” !!!!

Oskar grönholm says:

nice patent

Анатолий Тимохин says:


USAGeorge Pa. says:

I'v seen hundreds of builds on YouTube,,this is one I'm going to utilize.

Ivan Jonas says:

Simple and practical. This is an ingenious design.

Maninder Singh says:

Your are an institute. Thanks for teaching.

Daniel Hunter says:

That is pretty sweet. Certainly on my list to build. Thank you!

Robert Smith says:

The best clamps i've ever seen! Thank you

Sebastian Palmer says:

Fantastic! I've watched many YouTube videos on various types of DIY clamps. These look set to be my favourite, and the first I'll actually try and make myself. Really nice/clever design. Thanks for sharing

ches smith says:

I like the way the tightening dowel slides down the angled cut to provide the downward pressure keeping the boards flat- this is the genius part; bring me more!

doddiggins says:

This is awesome! Very cool idea. Also, who gives a video like this a thumbs down? Weird. Anyway, keep up the good work sir!

Brandon Solomon says:

I like your clamps a great deal. I have been looking for something like this for building entry doors. I have a wide variety of clamps for that purpose, but something that applies significant pressure from all sides is the ticket. Perhaps my own version will have a couple of modifications, but your idea is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Matt Wyatt says:

Great job Izzy, and such a simple design and works really well , can't wait to see the metal version .

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