Make lengthy bar clamps out of brief clamps

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How you can be a part of two brief bar clamps to make an extended bar clamp. We will be a part of two steel clamps if we drill the bar after which we use two small bolts. So like this we will glue and clamp wooden boards collectively on a budget.

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– How you can enhance low cost steel bar clamps so they do not depart marks when clamping wooden:

– How you can make a workbench vice out of bar clamps:

– Extra woodworking tasks in my channel and in my woodworking weblog: https://enredandonogaraxe.membership/en/woodworking-projects/ñaPadin


Maxx B says:

Great idea.

Raul McCai says:

Pro tip: When drilling steels use the right oil. A lubricating oil is worthless. What you want is some high sulfur cutting oil. OATY brand cutting oil is high sulfur and is sold in the Big home supply stores. It's in the plumbing section where they have black iron pipe and a threading machine.

Stelios Kasikis says:

Great and thank u once again!

DesandSam says:

Brilliant idea!

Francois Fouché says:

You can join the two movable parts with the bolts, that way you can clamp from both ends and even clamp smaller boards without taking them apart again.
Good idea, thanks for sharing !!!

Brian D says:

Amazes me with your work. I look farward to doing all these projects. thank you. Bri

Jose G Martinez Jr says:

Sergio, un excelente presentation. Muchas gracias por prestarnos algo de su tiempo para ensenar a nosotros. Saludos desde Texas.

Sergio Filosofo says:

Simple but great!

مشعل الشمري says:

لاتصلحين غدا خليه عشى محمد يبي يتعش عندنا

Ade D says:

Awesome video. Could of done with that idea when I was making my workshop bench. Thanks for sharing

Hans de Groot says:

Very clever solution. Thanks for sharing. Two day ago I needed some longer clamps. I came with a possible solution (replacing the original shorter bar by a longer self-made bar)
but I did not do it because I had no good material for a longer selfmade bar. Your solution is so much better. I'm going to try this

HCqvintus says:

so genius, why didnt I figure this out earlier 🙂

Dieter Büngers says:

Eine großartige Idee und sehr hilfreich-Danke dafür :-)))

elfernantube says:

Il y a beaucoup plus simple et sans outils

Schiwi M says:

You don't need to "destroy" the clamps, there is an easier way to do it. Just entangle the top parts of the clamps

Atteeq Rehman says:

Very nice sir

David A. Neely says:

Your welcome

Raymond Earle says:

Awesome my good friend. many thanks.

Martin Wolf says:

Great idea 💡 👍 👍 👍

David A. Neely says:

Nice to know

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