Making Hand Engraved Bar Clamps

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I like this type of small clamps as they supply good holding power when clamping finicky locations. I’ve made this clamps out of some 12mm (half of inch) sq. brass bars, aluminium bars and a brass threaded rod. This challenge concerned an entire lot of engraving, greater than I exacted. I make this initiatives solely by hand besides utilizing an electrical drill to bore via metallic.

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Luis Herrera says:

Why this chanel doesnt have more views and subs?!?!?!?!?

Mick S says:

Don't mess with the cat if you know what's good for you 😎

Adam Shivers says:

You're hilarious. Brilliant artist and comic genius for sure.

V Mix says:

That look was the most threatening thing I’ve seen this month

And it was from a cat.

habitante futurista says:

Beautiful pieces of working that are also functional. Beautiful pieces of working that are also functional. Did you think to do a box of tools with style this way?

stazz316 says:

I love you man

George Brown says:

Brilliance, Thanks for sharing.

JK_Hacked says:

Why no power tools

MrAsd1234564 says:

12:35 – thank me later.

Scubadog says:

"Fish is nice." -Uri

Tamás Baricsán says:

Like and subscribe
Trie to see what Alec Steel is doing

Projeto Trebuchet says:

So good! Your work is amazing! Well done!

Enigma4you says:

Beautiful videos and wonderful craftsmanship. Keep making awesome stuff. But I have a request: to make a compilation of the engraving and filing of all your projects with music. It is very hypnotizing and relaxing.

Michael Rudkin says:

Considering how simple your workshop seems to be (old vice, files, hand drill, hack saw), the results are beautiful.
Your engraving makes the simplest projects perfect.

tails doll black says:

your videos put me to sleep lmao

WoodByAlex says:

making a big 1 from wood

Sepia The Squirrel Of Mistmantle says:

I could do this too if I had your $100,000 machi… oh wait… nvm…

Nolan Gaudreau says:

Where can I buy hand engraving tools like that? The chisels and hammer specifically. Thanks!

karbonxiii says:

I appreciate your craftsmanship so much man. keep up the great work!

Миша Лис says:

It's a long way to make a substandard brush. )))

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