Making Wooden Cam Clamps

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Cam clamps or luthier clamps are used for holding small pieces where you don’t need much pressure such as small boxes, music instruments, very soft woods etc.
I had lying around in my shop some 20 x 5 mm oak strips, bought from the big stores, at about 1.5 euro each. Probably you can spend way less by sawing your own strips at the table saw using a bigger piece of wood. From a single strip of 1 m long I have made a clamp with the clamping capacity of cca 80 x 230 mm.

For the design, I gathered several plans from the web to see the common proportions, and scaled it in order to fit the 20 mm width of my strip, plus small adjustments. You can see the “state of the art” drawing in this video by pausing it between minute 0 :20 – 0 :24.

I wanted to be easy and quick to build, so the arm is made out of wood, instead of metal like most of these clamps. Anyway, in this case, at this length, the oak is holding very well. And the build of two clamps took me just two evenings of work. Not risking, I let the glue dry for 24 h before proceeding with the next step.

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denoro says:

Moment cu capac albastru. Preferatul meu ;). You made this look very easy. Good job.

Nadeem Ahmed Mughal says:

I am going to make it out of 3 mm hdf

Robert Brunston says:

Beautiful clamps! Thank you.

lise lefebvre says:

OUA OUA franchement du très bon travail a vous couper le souffle comme j'aime merci pour la vidéo et a bientôt pour d'autres vidéo

Will Dayble says:

Awesome! Would these have much clamping pressure if made big?

Franco Giannotti says:

Super Adrian!

terapiu says:

Foarte tare 🙂 chiar azi am luat din piata 2 bucati lungi de vreo 70cm doar ca is cu platbanda si au pini metalici, iar locurile cu stress au tot pini metalici dar sistemul este identic.
De unde esti ?

Chris Logan says:

hope you threw that linseed oil rag in a tub of water when you were finished with it ,when the rag dries out it becomes combustable.cemical reaction it set my the bin on fire good job it was outside

mpadierna says:

I've seen this design before from Paul Sellers

Despina Vutas says:

foarte frumos felicitari Ar trebui sa te joci cu camera putin.La sfirsit cu ce ulei ai dat?Pot sa dau cu ulei de in

SmokeFlame1 says:

I'll bet that someday you'll build a guitar or ukulele. Instrument clamps like that would do well. Lovely work.

Chris Harpster says:

Adrian, this is excellent! Thanks for the sharing and the inspiration!

Pietro Maker says:

hey you are very cool woodworker, visit also my channel

Andrew Gutierrez says:

Have watched all your shows and subscribed. Your work is beautiful and use of space is inspirational, can't wait to see more 😄

honorio sergio says:

belo trabalho!

kalasnikov762 says:

Foarte tare, nu stiam cine a cumparat toate fierastraiele japoneze de la finetools :). De unde ai luat tijele de stejar?

Eugen Ion says:

beautiful as usual!!!

livia ferpoll says:

Good morning, Adrian.
How does that planer stand you always use to match the woods on top?

Billy Beane says:

I like using leather scraps to line my clamping jaws. it's very pliable and won't smash like cork does. just a tip

Nicu Nicu says:

nice work!are u romanian?

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