Greatest wooden staining errors and misconceptions | Wooden staining BASICS

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Reaching nice outcomes when staining wooden is straightforward in case you keep away from just a few primary errors. Hey, are you new to woodworking and do not know the place to start? Constructing the BMW (Fundamental Cell Workbench) is a good way to begin! FREE PLANS ► No expertise needed and you will simply want just a few primary instruments.


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Ruvim Bond says:

I want a bmw

Dolfocar Ali says:

You just answer sooooo many questions I had in the past 😊

Adam s says:

If you are familiar with minwax but want a quality stain buy Duraseal. It does seal also and can be used as a stand alone product if you use quick coat.

Mike Westgate says:

Great video. what was the stain color used at the end? (7:27).

Roger Herzler says:

6:15 for the ‘blotching’ that’s seen in the thumbnail. The entire video is worth a watch, but if you want to see how to prevent blotching (I sure did!), that’s where it is.

Lay's DIY says:


benefit thirteen says:

It may have been mentioned here already, but when I'm talking to people about staining – I make a point to talk about end grain.

Siva Rama Krishna says:

Is conditioner not required before staining?

Mike Builds says:

I’m so glad we have steve to set us straight and give us the mere mortals the best advice.

D Burroughs says:

Steve, you should do a video on a wooden tortilla press.

karlpopewoodcraft says:

Love the content Steve, keeping it simple and straight to the point for us mere mortals! 🙂

Danae Goliath says:

I can’t speak as a woodworker, but as a painter the “rule” is that oil products will stick on top of water based but water based shouldn’t go on top of oil based.

eta2001carl says:

RTFM hahahaha

Paul Besser says:

Steve. As always, You Rock!

DIY Dan says:

Steve, you are the one person that got me into watching YouTube and into continuing my wood working, but ever since you've started your online course your YouTube videos have been second best. I know priorities change, but I still follow you. This has been your best YouTube video in a long time.

You could lose the crap about marathons though. Average people feel marathons are for those that think they're better than everyone else.

Missouri Bob says:

I have been making my own crown molding and trim work as I remodel my house. I can only afford pine. I stain everything I make the same color. That way as I make tables and the like, everything matches.

grbroussard says:

I’m a new woodworker and an avid follower. I definitely appreciate your videos. THANKS!

Troy Tryclay says:

Pre-stain conditioners are mineral spirits (untinted stain, lol). They soak into the more spongy parts of the wood so less stain is absorbed there.

Gerald Posey says:

Video title… "How to stain wood". Video content… "Stains are bad"

The1sler167 says:

Can we have Jon and Lou back

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