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With the ability to use a handsaw is likely one of the most beneficial abilities a woodworker can have. On this video, we present you just a few various kinds of saws and share some tips about utilizing a few the extra widespread varieties. Plus, we present you our decide for an ideal handsaw for freshmen. – Andrew Zoellner

Really helpful sources:
Handsaw Necessities – http://bit.ly/2q30I33
Handsaw Tune Up – http://bit.ly/2yMqlJd


Tayler Made says:

interesting that you use hardened teeth saws for the demonstration. i hate them as they can't be resharpened or reset. get one with a bad set and you have to toss it. a freshly sharpened and reset saw is a joy to use compared to the hardened teeth models. even with heavy use you only really need to resharpen annually and it only takes 10 minutes max. i can't see the buzz on pull saws probably because i have used push saws all my working life. i tried one and i really wasn't impressed but that may just be because i am not used to that way of cutting.

Skippy Lippy says:

I use handsaws all the time and love them.
Thanks for making a video on basic handsaw skills.
Most of the time a handsaw beats a table saw in terms of dust, noise, and danger.

Todd Brill says:

You have a backsaw on the bench, but you don't even talk about it. I've never used a pull saw, but I see plenty of people talking about them. Seems like a fad since nobody has been able to tell me why a Japanese pull saw is any better than a decent set of back saws.

Scott louis says:

I`m agreeable to liking all handsaws I can`t imagine not haveing one

Phil Parks says:

Well great, now I want a new saw…

MARK1HOE says:

Your bench hook for the pull saw should be reversed and hook over the far side of the workbench. Then when you pull the workpiece will tighten up against the fence and the hook will tighten up against the bench.

Hilton Ralphs says:

Your 'recommended resources' links are not working.

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