The way to make a easy desk

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Constructing a easy desk with minimal instruments


Bill W says:

Simple, eh? I think not.

Design Zone says:

Wow You are amazing, never seen "Bad Ass" moves with a circular saw. I learned a lot 🙂

Farook Farook says:

jamping. nice. super

Lendi Vihari says:

hi there ashton kutcher

Vikash Gorain says:

This is nice but not simple

Ayush Gupta says:

at 7:47 how did he drill

mark Williams says:

Stop saying Here all the time it’s Annoying-

Hope for all says:

Smoothe it oot!

خشبيات WOOD says:

You are creative and wonderful I hope to be in the level of your magnificence and creativity

rneustel says:

Thanks for showing that it can be done, and done very well, with simple tools.

Kamu Siapa says:

I don't even have that tools.

Huda Mateen says:

Great idea sir

ibex33 says:

Lol at "simple"

Terry Wong says:

Mr Mathias, your projects are very practical. I find that all your simple tool projects are interesting the way you tackle your joinery with
simple tools. It would be nice if you every wrote a book with all you step by step projects would be great.

Stingray Ramshackle says:

One of these days you're gonna hurt your butt jumping on all these sturdy builds. I recommend adding cushions to them

CaptureYouVideo says:

1.5m views. lol wow

John Huggett says:

Minimal tools, you're kidding?

dot nothing says:

This seems not too simple. A "simple table" can be made with only a basic toolbox and no power tools. That's what I'm looking for. Nice video though, for folks who have that equipment you use.

SmellTheL says:

Don’t kno wat u doing but I will like anyways

Patrick Renschler says:

I tried using a forstner bit with a home-made doweling jig, but that was a mistake. Once you drill in past the guides, the shank is smaller in diameter than the actual cutting part of the bit, so the jig no longer keeps you drilling straight. Just looked at this video and sure enough you aren't using a forstner bit here. doh will try again

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