Airplane Fundamentals some Fast Tips about Hand Airplane Utilization

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Be part of Steve as he shares a number of fast and straightforward Ideas and Methods for profitable hand planing. That is because of the various enquirers acquired after flattening the boards in Pt 2 of the Plate Rack Venture. If you happen to like what we do and would love HELP us too hold these YouTube movies FREE. See the good reward we provide on your assist right here.
Many Thanks Steve & Bob

Please watch: “Get a Eager edge in your Noticed Pt1 of two”


dippy dipso says:

Brill. Thank you.

Bonniville Black Cherry says:

between Wood River, Veritas and Lie Nielsen I believe they make all sizes now.

Headknocker says:

Did you get your name = "Woodworking Masterclass" from watching Paul Sellers??

Josh Harriman says:

Thank you Steve…I inherited some of my grandfathers tools a while ago, one of which was a plane, have been getting myself in to wood work now and finally understand how to use it properly!

james dixon says:

your wisdom is much appreciated

Mike Bruce says:

Steve, I'm taking baby steps and starting with a telecaster type electric guitar as I've heard these are a good starting point. Thanks for the reply. And yes, they are addicting… Just picked up 3 new planes about an hour ago, haha. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Seems to me you are a natural at teaching. And Bob is pretty awesome. Love his reaction to the hide glue hahaha.

stufoo1 says:

Steve, Thanks for the vid. On the plane. There are also one screw and a turning knob on the back behind the blade. is the to adjust the depth or something ?. Or do you set the depth as you did in the video and not worry about these ?

Mike Bruce says:

Hey Steve, I just recently discovered your channels a few days ago and when I'm not able to work on honing my woodworking skills, I've been binge watching your videos. They've been very helpful and entertaining. I'm taking a leap of faith into some instrument making and was convinced I needed an 8" jointer which is pretty far out of my budget… The more I watch your videos, I'm leaning more towards investing in more hand planes instead because I'm using mine more and more and really enjoying it. Thanks and keep these great videos coming. Cheers from Buffalo, New York!

Brendan Harvey says:

Love your videos so much very useful and always lean something new everytime I watch you , I am the process of collecting and restoring stanley sweet heart series planes one of each number though I have almost all of them I'm missing # 1,8,9,444,97,96 and a number 40 got most of them from eBay and garage sales and tips
Love your stanley no.40 from previous videos
Cheers Brendan

Kevin Hannan says:

Steve, great video. I have a falcon no 5 from my grandfather in law. I've sharpened and done a bunch of stuff with the plane, but not replaced anything. Everything still moves well, but all I seem to get are these dusty shavings, then if I advance the blade further it starts to skate on the exposed blade. Any ideas. Should I just go back to resetting the blade angle, or is there something else I'm missing

Robert Dooley says:

Thanks for the great video. I learned a lot!

Abe Peters says:

Hello from Ontario, Canada.
Recently started watching your videos.
Really enjoy seeing them.
Nice to see there are still some true craftsmen out there.
Hoping to become one myself.

Bernie NUFC says:

I only have a number 4 Stanley so could not believe my luck and i never knew how to use the blade guide until now either, brilliant thanks

Tj Mcnally says:

very informative Steve…I have purchased some planes at garage sales and antique stores. Videos are great.

Alan Muston says:

I have only just come across your videos. They are great. I have an old Stanley number 7 that I did up and eventually put a Veritas PMV11 blade and chip breaker in. It is amazing and I always look forward to using it.

Carson W234 says:

That plane in the background is huge! it looks like an rpg. I didn't come here expecting to learn much about using something as simple as a hand plane but i did. Well done video, thanks.

Brandon Sturms says:

I just found your channel, and I'm very disappointed in myself I haven't discovered you sooner. Great videos!

Narzuhl says:

Very nice, I enjoyed this.

justin barrett says:

true you don't need to spend a lot on planes…everyone seems to think there are no good cheap planes out there, but most planes, with a little effort can be great planes…have a "silverline" no. 7…great plane costed almost nothing the adjuster nut is a tad stiff, but not bad, and I use a "faithfull" no 4…it cost I think 30-40 dollars and i bought it based on a review….it came in a wooden box and aside from honing the iron it was ready to go…scary smooth adjusting knob action…best purchase of a new tool I ever made….I also hear good things about the silverline no 6 it comes with a 3mm iron and costs about 30 dollars maybe 40??? I might pick one up some day, but I really don't need one so….what I am curious about is chisels I have some old chisels…probably about 50 years old unknown brand but they cannot keep an edge and don't seem to want to take a temper so likely the steel is poor quality for that tool…do you know of any good inexpensive chisels out there?…"I'm all about bang for the buck".

mfcman2k7 says:

lie neilson  usa are making a number 8 but your looking at £490 duno what that is in other currency

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