Pyrography Fundamentals for Woodworkers

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Learn to hand-burn personalised textual content, logos, and designs onto your wooden initiatives. It may be low cost and easy, however requires some endurance. Additionally, the switch paper I used for my stencil is definitely “Graphite” paper, simply to be clear. Let me know when you’ve got any questions. Thanks for watching!

Emblem design by: Natural Recreations

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Les Gill says:

Use a tea strainer to clean your tips.

Autumn Rose says:

Awesome! 👍keep them videos coming, eat before you record 😅

Valarie Connell /DrawingWithFire says:

Nice logo! 😁 I'm always happy to see others burning. I have some burning techniques tips if your interested. 2 quick ones 😉 1. If your prop up the piece your working on to 45+ degrees, you shouldn't need to wear a glove. The heat rises straight up at this angle, not over your fingers. I very rarely ever have to wear a glove burning this way. 2. I wouldn't suggest using a wire brush to clean tips. The wire brush can damage your tips. Try using an exacto knife to scrape off the carbon & a leather strop to polish your tips up. 😃 I have the colwood super pro 2 (amongst a few more 😉) and I'm very happy with it over all.

Razor69LPs says:

Awesome 😀 found you on instagram

Bryan Smith says:

Great video, Would love to see a video on shading.

A B says:

Great video. I may have missed it, but do you use anything in the way of ventilation? I know that soldering needs it, how about this?

Patrick Walsh says:

Why do you need the carbon paper

Crafts With Ellen says:

I definitely want to try that! Thanks for sharing your tips, that will make my first attempt go a whole lot smoother 🙂

Chris Parker says:

That's pretty cool and a fun video to watch. Love the vibe off your videos too. All your comments about ppl finding you off IG made me wanna start my own lol so thanks for that. PS…that Panasonic pencil sharpener is awesome.

BuiltBy N8 says:

Nice video man! I have a Razertip burner. Still practicing with it. Good tips in the vid. I learn't something!

MotivatedResults says:

Good tutorial bro! Thanks for the IG love

Got Wood Workshop says:

Hahaha loved the video man! You do a good job of not editing out the stuff that didn't go exactly as planned, keep it up man! Love my Colwood SuperPro II as well. Just ordered a few new tips actually!

Dylan's DIY Workshop says:

New subscriber! I'm going to message you on instagram. Sweet video by the way very informative!

Aggie fan says:

New "subber"! (Is that a word? Is now!) Found you on IG. I'd like to learn woodworking so looking forward to your lessons! 😊

Javytls says:

Love this!!

Small Fry Creations says:

Where did you purchase the upgraded wood burner from?

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