The Fundamentals of Making Cupboards

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Good day once more everybody. On this video I focus on and show some easy strategies for setting up cupboards. Wether you wish to make some cupboards to your store or to your residence, this video might be useful and offer you sufficient data that will help you in that course of. Whereas there are such a lot of various things that you are able to do with cabinetry, this video will cowl the fundamentals. Like I at all times say, if in case you have any query about one thing I discuss on this video, or have questions on something, please do not hesitate to ask! You’ll be able to both depart a remark beneath or ship me a direct message on Instagram (@bentswoodworking).

As I said within the video, beneath might be affiliate hyperlinks for any instruments that I used for this video if you want to buy or just discover extra data on them.

Thanks once more to your continued assist!


Affiliate hyperlinks to the instruments I used within the video:

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Sawstop three HP PCS

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Jason Marencic says:

How do you attach the face frame?

Otis Luxton says:

If you're not creating mirrored (i.e. L/R) sides of your cabinets, perhaps its time to find another profession

Mr. TAMW says:

Going to be going into renovating houses is this a useful videos as far as learning up on it?

Daniel Valentine says:

I installed boxed cabinets and they were pre-cut and I noticed that everything was at a 3 inch measurement in regards to the face how would I compensate for that

breeze787 says:

Very nice! But I apologize I don't have the luxury of listening to detailed explanations. So I had to skip through the video you spent all this time editing. Just observing the pic at 17:03 gave me what I was looking for. Simple construction of quantity 2 – 3/4" rails on the top side front & back with a 3/4" ply for the bottom shelf gets me all I need thanks!

William Arnold says:

Learned that a pin nailer is good for holding your cabinet together while gluing

canngo123 says:

Is it safe to do a cross cut with a Dato stack? Seemed like the piece needed a sled or something.

CopLock says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!!

Millennium Man says:

Enjoyed the video thank you.

Ivan Kondaurov says:

Nice and thorough explanation. Be learning more from you , thanks for video.


A tru show & Tell

Jon Dunn says:

What a fantastic starting video
5- star educator
The point you make about using your shop as a guide is wonderful, as I installed some custom doors in my shop and then onward and upward from there with other clients

Batcave Bricks says:

Can you give me some shopping tips on what type of 3/4 plywood you used in this video and could you suggest where to shop to get it?

Matt Ettus says:

Where did you get that awesome apron?

mandy meier says:

I would love to see a video on proper face frame size and reveal for installing on the box, and how much bigger the doors and drawers should be? Thanks

mandy meier says:

Great video Brent! You explained everything very well. I feel much more comfortable building my dormer office cabinets. I just wish I had a wood shop like yours!

Craig Sims says:

excellent work

Stede Bonnet says:

I am a cabinet maker and approve this video.

MAGA MAN says:

This was great right up until you started with the pocket cancer screws and then it all went to shit from there.

Max Kalinin says:

What is the purpose of leaving a gap between the backer board and the wall? Thanks for the quality videos.

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