The basics on a Speed square

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How to use this tool like a boss.

For the other 90% of the world using metric check out my new video on the metric speed square.


Joseph Landis says:

excellent video. thank you for taking the time to share simple and useful knowledge. keep making videos!

stoney joe cuevas says:

God bless Classic Works…

P Brown says:

Great little video I will have to watch this several times with my speed square in front of me to really learn it.  Thanks for the Video.

Darlene Royce says:

You explained it perfectly. I got one and started using it. Your advice is perfect. It worked great.


Yeah, we move mountains. I'm beat

E. Meyers says:

Great! I finally have my dream shed and what, couldn't believe the time and money the whole work saved me [Check Details Here?> ]. This is the best I've ever come across. Thank you very much Ryan!

Boneyfreak says:

45 degrees..or just flip the swannie over….

justsomehuman person says:

Not helpful, what you have to do is look at the longest side and on that longest side, there is an angle. Put your pivot on that angle and move your pivot until your speed compass side with the big Numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are covering the side of the wood. The angle degree is the degree number straight across from words pivot.

Gabriel Gonzales says:

work construccion

zker666 K says:

I can't trust a carpenter without a carpenter's pencil.

Derek Turner says:

dude youre freakin awesome. keep making videos.

Jonah Harry says:

Thanks learnt a lot

Gabriel Gonzales says:

contruccion word #1

Dayron Diaz says:

Good video keep it up

Perfecto Palabay Jr says:

thanks for the vedio i am studying very helpull fo me

Jim Feroce says:

Quick and informative for a guy like me trying to learn something. Good vid, thanks!

JewDd* 89 says:

Thank you thank you!!!

Brian Chester says:

Thanks for sharing your skills and taking the time to make this video. Paz

nicole crystal says:

p.s. i hope u roll those sleeves up high if ur gonna do any cutting- i know u do- thank you for great video no foolishness i appreciate that

nicole crystal says:

mighty helpful and well explained-i love how u sharpen your pencil with a knife -my dad did that

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