What’s Woodworking? A Complete Newbie’s Information to Woodworking.

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Why achieve this many individuals love woodworking lately? Do not know the place to start? Here is a take a look at what you’ll be able to anticipate from this passion. Extra sources►►
Arrange store for lower than $1000. FREE GUIDE ► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/tww-tools/
18 issues each starting woodworker ought to know ► https://youtu.be/hXjTXeXeTpI
7 Important Energy Instruments for Starting Woodworkers ► https://youtu.be/AHauRpxsmt8
Security BASICS ► https://youtu.be/NqyLx1TWtvM

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atomiczombie22 says:

Another great video Steve. Thanks for the inspiration.

Joshua Meldru says:

Well done sir! You said it all really touching on the reasons that I love to wood work, great job, great video and great job on maybe helping someone else discover a joy they never new they were missing!

Thank you for sharing!

R. Hainez says:

Very inspirational and positive message, thanks you for that. Unplugging now 😉

Qaisar Rehman says:

Love u sir. Thanks for so many lovely videos..

DIY The Art of Wood says:

Thanks Steve. This really captures what is to create and build with your own hands, and why we do it. So important in this era, to unplug from the noise and make something, this is Clouds and Dirt in action.

Don T says:

Very well thought out and executed video.

C O says:

Very inspirational video!

Christopher Murray says:

I like your explanation of woodworker vs maker, but I also think it's important to recognize that, just like woodworking, makers come in all skill levels, and the terms aren't mutually exclusive.

If you make a piece of furniture out of wood, but you also use epoxy, embed lights, a microcontroller, etc, that doesn't make make you either a woodworker or a maker, but both.

Being passionate or skilled about one craft does not mean you can't be passionate and skilled in many.

mfi sync says:

Steve, that is SOOOO true!

Keith Stewart says:

It would have turned out better, but my tracksaw is the wrong shade of grey/green!

Doug Johnson says:

WOW…you just explained everything perfect..you just said what we all think….right on MM/

Korazuko says:

You also have a finish and ruff carpenters. Finish carpenters specialize in "finishing" a house. All the modeling, cabinets, details, etc. Whereas ruff carpenters "build" a house. They put up walls and make your life difficult by making things out of square. Basically ruff puts up the walls and roof, finish finishes the house.

Jason Braun says:

Love your channel! always great informative videos. A great escape from the daily noise. Thank you Mr. Ramsey!

Mac McMillen says:

Do you make a living selling custom made furniture and/or cabinets?

Brad is Scrat says:

Well done. I am part of the group that for 8+ hours, 5 days a week have four monitors in front of them with 144 sq in of desk space…the garage/shop = my happy place. Love the hand plane guy/beard reference!

ashton carroll says:

I like this video because it touches on the ever-growing hoppy of hobist engineering.

Faisal VG says:

This week I was in the hardware store. Bought some power tools [drill, impact drill, circular saw, miter saw]. Guess I will start making good stuff soon. 🙂

The Distracted Maker says:

Steve keepin' everyone down to earth

Kathleen Orce says:

40 Years??? Did you start at 2??? 🙂

Country Covers Plus says:

Honestly, everything you said from 11:05 and beyond was a great way to end this video. This is why I've subscribed years ago

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