Woodworking Material Basics, with Megan Fitzpatrick

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Megan Fitzpatrick, covers material basics and how to select wood for your project in this short, sixth part of “Tool Basics for Getting Started in Woodworking.”


Paul Mihai Rusu says:

I read in some forums that Woody Hyezmar is going to complete and sell his book (finally!), google him and you should be able to download his draft as of today!!

Clay Hundley says:

Lame video. Either she enjoys hearing herself talk, or her aim is to bore people to distraction. I cannot believe she is employed by Popular Woodworking. Hawking, home store, lumber must be what she considers plying her trade.  :  )

legorreto says:

Great information! Tks!

nathan moore says:

i agree… these videos are not informative at all.

sicilian911 says:

why is it that every video seems just like a cliff hanger and there's always this buy! buy!buy! gonna have to unsuscribe.

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