10 Issues to Take into account Earlier than Beginning an Etsy Retailer | Woodworking Enterprise

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The Maker Way Channel says:

Some people seems to not understand that not all business models works for everyone (which you nailed in the video). Some have made a lot of money, some other don't and some other have made a little, if there was such thing as a "silver bullet" for business all of us would have lots of money (and we won't be talking about this)

T0MJ0SH 10 says:

Nice video! I prefer to put my stuff on a local « craiglist » and ship it myself but if a was in a small city i dont think it would work the same! Like you said Etsy is good for small stuff bcz today everyone want free shipping lol


omg, get yourselves a better microphone. theyre cheap.

Franklin Keeley says:

I totally agree damn Este

Frank Jenkins says:

I make "custom" wood signs…….private and commercial. I don't have a CNC….don't want one either. I prefer to hand carve mine with a router and hand tools. My customers give me an idea of what they want, I make a drawing and send it to them, they approve and sign off, and I ship their sign in about 2 weeks. So…..Etsy doesn't look like a good fit for me…..you saved me a lot of frustration trying to figure things out. I do not sell my signs at craft fairs either. Most customers want to walk away from your booth with the product in hand……and because my signs are custom made, I don't have stock items. The only thing I make that could become a "stock" item would be cutting boards and coasters. I make cutting boards to order. The coasters are made from my scraps when I am between orders. Thanks for the very informative and well thought out video. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

David Daniels says:

UPDATE: I emailed Etsy to ask how to delete my account (because they make it difficult to find the exit button) and within an hour I'm getting a lot of activity on my shop… nice try Etsy… you could have sent me customer before.

Fearsome Warrior says:

I find etsy is the ground zero of licensed items from third parties. Like if you want a Super Mario Brothers or Zelda pillow then Etsy has you covered. Filled with that kind of thing. It can be useful for those things. Like I love looking at posters on there but other online stores have some incredible stuff too.

Mark McCluney says:

This is most interesting. Can other folks suggest alternatives to Etsy? Thanks for sharing!

The Farmhouse Addiction says:

This was a fantastic video! Lots of great information so others can make an educated decision! Thanks for sharing!

David Daniels says:

I have etsy… I hate it. You either need to have a million items or you need to be a wizard with keywords and titles… and it's not easy!

Matt Groters says:

Thanks for the (seemingly to my educated ears) balanced explanation. I didn't know anything about Etsy.

Steve Miller says:

Thanks for the tips. I was curious bout etsy. Sounds like selling on Ebay. I sell smaller stuff on FB…after about a month I take it to a store and have someone list on line…she gets a cut but generally I have already made my money from FB before I pass them on…then if she has stuff left I go to a couple shows a year and empty whatever I have ever made.

Ronald Kisor says:

This is a silly video. Etsy takes no work. Just have an Etsy store and don't focus on it… If you get 2 extra sales from it, it's worth it.

Woodshed Woodworking says:

Change your air filter.

Bill Benoit says:

Great video with a lot of valid points! Thanks for asking me to me a part of the video!

S Squared says:

I use Etsy as a way to list smaller items that i have made with offcuts from my larger pieces. I also use it for things I want to make but my local market doesn't really support. Now it is not the primary focus of my business it is an additional revenue stream for items and pieces that might have otherwise not been built or ended up in a burn bin. I would not make Etsy my primary focus the margins are not there for my long term goals.

Dakota Burgener says:

If you need inspiration to sell on etsy you should check out Jeff Cunningham @ modernreclaimed on insta. He makes bathroom vanities, tables and shelves. He has alot of knowledge to share.

Jeffrey Mawyer says:

Thanks guys I’ve been wondering about this with small things I make, but like you I make larger projects more regularly. Thanks for the insight and previous videos!

Dario in the Workshop says:

Very nice video guys. I have a tiny Etsy shop and I learned that it's almost impossibile to sell unique items, because Etsy favors repeated sales, so the only way to make sales on Etsy is to batch items (or be prepared to hurriedly batch them, as you mentioned). I do this as a hobby so no problem, but I believe Etsy in itself is not a sustainable business model for most of woodworkers/makers.

Andrew Holdaway says:

You guys are astounding.

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