Dealing With Problem Customers In Your Woodworking Business

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Dealing With Problem Customers In Your Woodworking Business

“The customer is always right” – ever heard that one before? I’m sure you have… and to that, I say “yeah right!” To paraphrase marketing consultant, Dan Kennedy “The customer might not always be right, but it’s the customer who signs your paycheck.”

Fortunately, most people are terrific to deal with – they’re, patient, friendly and agreeable. They listen to you as the expert and they let you get on with it so they can enjoy the finish product they get from you. When ordering custom jobs, good customers have no problem paying a substantial portion of the purchase price up front, with nothing more than a receipt and a handshake.

But unfortunately, you will encounter a problem customer every now and then. I’ve had my fair share over the years. The simple fact is – you just can’t please everybody.

But there are often warning signs of problems to come…

But requesting things be done in a way that’s “non-standard” to your operation, pushes things a little too far.

But it’s a problem when you’re just not equipped to shift gears and do things their way. When a prospective customer insists, I know they’re not someone I’m going to like to do business with. Taking on jobs like this inevitably leads to frustration or disappointment at some point.Another warning sign has to do with the price you’ve quoted. On larger, more expensive items, there maybe some wiggle room.

Some potential clients only see dollar signs and they mistakenly assume that all cabinetmakers build things the same way to exacting standards of quality. So they price shop all around town, paying little attention to important details.


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