Do not Make This Woodworking Enterprise Mistake!

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This video goes over some store updates on the mud collector and some tasks. The most important mistake you may make in woodworking is blaming your instruments, tools, clients, suppliers, and so forth. as a substitute of discovering an answer to the issue your self. Do not be like us! Be higher!!!

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the individuals we love. That features you! Be part of us as we be taught to construct furnishings. We wish individuals to know that anybody can promote the furnishings they construct as a side-hustle.

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Peter Gostelow says:

"You can't change what you don't own" Owning the circumstance is not a fault, its power, the power to change. That includes buying tools. Thanks for the video.

Kentucky Woodworx says:

The same wind blows on us all; the winds of disaster, opportunity and change. Therefore, it is not the blowing of the wind, but the setting of the sails that will determine our direction in life.

hunter wolf of the white winter says:

Did you just seriously ask your wife if you could buy a tool turn in your man card bro

Mr Fab says:

@ 8:30 you look stoned af.

Anne the Nurse says:

I surprised my hubby with a domino for Christmas.


Hey, you two are cool! Really enjoyed watching this video.

Dexter Sims says:

Great video bud!

Fredrick Hight says:

You can use Fernco's @ 11:19 Also, don't be hard on yourself for too long. It's only a good way to be at a very young age. You are young, you won't know everything now. Take your time, and learn as much as possible. Be open minded but also make sure the learnt is true, and not a waste of time.
Facebook market place is growing and it's a great way to see what will sell. Use the site Uship to learn about giving prices on delivery. You will most likely deal with people not to far, but sometimes you will, and Uship is great for that. Also get in touch with a mover of two local to you and make it your job to get to know them. Fixing furniture for them (not much) but now you'll have another way to sell. Get to know the owners of medium moving companies that haven't made it to the big market yet with a Van Line like United and such. You need to get a lot of connections. Make sure to use you and your mate there to get as many people into your life as possible for the Business. Times have changed since I owned my company but much of what I know still works today. Grow as a person and your client's will be better too as time goes on. Take time to learn as much about growing as a person with some study devoted to soul. I used Anthony Robbins Creating Lasting Change (it's all on YouTube now). It's a great lesson needed in life, and will benefit your business more than you'll ever know. Also learn as many words as you can with a vocab building mp3's or something. The Public when you rise up will judge you fast, so the more you know about all things, you'll be able to talk to the manifold of people's interest. This always get's you business. People buy on emotion, not always the product. You are the sale. You have the looks, not that all people don't, but you are blessed. Use this with humility and just learn, if you want to grow your business, develop yourself as much as what woodworking is. Or hire people to do what you don't want to or can't.
Do you have expectations about where you are going? If not, make something, because you can't get to the store without first declaring it. You don't go to Kmart when you set off to go to Walmart. You don't go to 7/11 when you meant to go to Little Cesar's.

Don't ever put limits on what you can do, because you'll do them, and then what? Do set a place you want to get to, but adjust it as you grow in life and business.

Now, my learnt after running a business for 23 years… Money is great for getting things. Money doesn't make you happy, it never will. Forgiving everyone for everything, and helping others when you are able is what makes life worthwhile. If you focus on you too much you'll be depressed. Always remember depression is a me me me thing, what you've lost, you are not enough etc. Help others, it will get you out of that. What you get is fleeting, what you do becomes you. Getting money goes away. Your experiences become you. Always make time for people. Don't ever take loved one or customers or employees for grated. Change is just a choice away for you and everyone else too. So, make sure you build the very best relationships with all.

When someone isn't kind, perhaps they need kindness poured over them, they are just repeating what they've learned. But don't waste too much time on some people, they are like vampires they'll suck the life out of you. Move on to someone else, there is always someone who want's your help, and will be grateful.

Do good work, be humble and don't make promises you can't keep. Don't hide things from customers, be honest and they'll adore you for it.
Show up, that alone is worth a million dollars. Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you'll do when you say you'll do it.
That is integrity and there is no worthy business without it. And a good man has it, and good business has it.

God Bless you and your family and endeavors. Remember learnt, but don't forget to enjoy life. It isn't long before you'll be passing the bucket to someone else. Have fun and you'll do just fine. Keep it up, you're on the path, don't worry if you get off, just don't go so far you can't get back on. Having a partner in life is a true blessing, always remember to make sure the people in your life, know you truly love them and are thankful for them. Make sure you listen to them and take notes also with customers. You can use a phone nowadays and record memo's you can review daily or weekly and then follow up on things you've heard to make people feel special. Don't just do this to take advantage of them, do it because you love people.

Peace be with you.

gary richardson says:

Nice hobby,I’m in the uk and we do loads of work for the u s of a,it takes years to make money,we do very high end furniture for large companies.Good luck

Zebrano Wood Craft says:

Amen bro. For anyone struggling with taking responsibility for their own situation check out a book called Extreme Ownership – it will turn you into a bad ass 😂

DarkShadowsX5 says:

people who open their eyes really wide often while talking creep me out..

2DaMax2442 says:

Dude I like the video, and the editing is pretty good too.. don't worry about the trolls, every video has them.
On another note, I definitely appreciate your honesty with the business and life prospective. I agree, people need to accept more blame in order to learn from mistakes rather than blaming everyone else. Nice shop you have! We all have our hardships to work around, even the big shops. Keep pushing my dude! You give me the extra push I need! Subscribed.

Johnny R says:

Read "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes

Mark Simoneau says:

I think your attitude is awesome. I've found that when I take responsibility for my situation and for where I want to be, I unblock myself readily. It's not exactly your "fault" all the time as much as it is your responsibility WHETHER OR NOT it's your fault.

Mark Simoneau says:

Man, it is amazing to see a husband and wife working together in the shop. Nothing more attractive than people working together and enjoying what they do 🙂

Matt Ruth says:

Your fault you don’t have dominoes. Your fault.

absurdist cat says:

The trick is to ignore anyone trying to sell you "secrets".

ballhogjon says:

Check out Jocko Willink's book Extreme Ownership

Trees 2 Treasures Woodworking says:

If I can give you just a few pieces of advice that may help you down the road as you progress to an awesome wood worker.
Go all in if you’re going? Get commercial equipment as you can afford it. I suggest even good used equipment. machinery exchange or Craig’s list. I shared a shop a few years ago with a guy that wouldn’t buy any new tools. Instead he would take hours figuring out how to perform tasks with tools he had. He was blown away when he saw me cut out a whole kitchen in a morning.
You are young but you will soon learn that family time is the most important asset you have, don’t waist it not having the tools you need to succeed. I’m by no means saying that the Domino by Festool will turn everything around for you. But there are many jobs that I have been able to save countless hours on because of Festool. Of course a couple of Festool tools that I felt were not worth the money.
Next important is reaching out to hardwood wholesale guys and opening an account. Also the need for professional finishes.
I will be the first to say that 90% of people don’t have a clue what their looking at when it comes to Woodworking. However when standard lumber starts twisting, warping down the road and customer is showing it off it’s tough to get return sales. You must learn that you’re not going to win a price war with a big box store. The best weapon of a small shop is to kick Ass in quality.
I wish you all the best in your business venture.
As far as marketing goes you have that down to a science. Keep publishing!!!! It is the best way to build leads.
Pick your dream clients and target them.

Mama C says:

As a former business owner, I can guarantee you that you have to spend money to make money. That said, you also have to spend money responsibly – don’t live on paper or you’ll find yourself in debt forever and eventually unable to financially to stay afloat.

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