The right way to Worth Your Work as a Maker (Woodworking Enterprise Instance)

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This can be a complicated subject for Makers – methods to worth your work. Find out about pricing with sensible examples and clear directions so you can also make worthwhile selections. Matters lined on this episode embody:
– methods to cost work
– methods to estimate time
– what to cost for an hourly fee
– what to cost for materials
– methods to validate your pricing

Scott has a enterprise diploma and has run his part-time woodworking enterprise since 1999. He shares his expertise and information to assist different Makers worth their work.

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Hosted by Scott Bennett, proprietor of Wood It Be Good – Customized Woodworking in Brooklin, Ontario


TWC says:

This has been tremendously helpful. I only do woodworking on the side but have been struggling with a solid pricing plan for a while. Thank you so much for your time.

jpsphilsin says:

Way too cheap. To anyone watching this, you cannot make money with those prices. Goes to show what a Business Degree does for you.

Brian A says:

Awesome video!

Ted Holzmann says:

Terrific video, Scott. This is tremendously helpful. I'm wishing to offer chair repair and caning. With no measures to run with for pricing, this provided me a terrific base to start with. Thanks for being so vulnerable in sharing how it works out and your simple method of tracking your ability to estimate.

Mr.Mike. G305 says:

Fantastic video bud, really!!! I'm not a woodworker but have always found it interesting. This would be very helpful if I ever did decide to start it as a hobby, order then transition into a small business. As always God bless and greetings from Jersey bud!!!!

Modern Builds says:

Great advice!!

Josh at LuLo Custom Woodshop says:

This was a great video. One of the most in depth I've heard in relating to pricing your work and giving actual examples compared to others I've seen on YT that are very generic. Thanks for the info.

William Branham says:

Great presentation.

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