How To Start a Woodworking Business On A Shoestring

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How To Start a Woodworking Business On A Shoestring

Starting a new business is an exhilarating experience that demands your attention, energy, and focus. While there are many ways to start a woodworking business, in the short video, I’m going to share a few ideas learned from the experience.

It can be fun to scout out potential shop locations and a dream about those fine machines you’d like to have in your shop – to make life easier and more productive. Sure, these are things you’ll likely need to consider at some point.

Solid orders and cash on hand when you get started changes the game .It gives you confidence moving forward.Focus on whatever will bring in the cash to your business.

Get business cards made up and hand them out freely to those you know and those you meet.Spread the word about your business and tell others the kinds of things you’re capable of building.It’s amazing how the word spreads when you simply communicate what you do and how you can help other people.

Get the customer on board with the product that’s an easy one to buy.You may need to get creative here in terms of design. But you’re a woodworker, so I know you’re up to the task.

Take some photos and write a brief description that describes your handcrafted item.Post it on Facebook and any local ad sites you can find.

Print the same ad on a postcard and visit area stores that allow ads to be posted and leave yours there.

There are lots of ways to get started.And you’ll do yourself a huge favor by selling your products and services first. This ensures that you get some cash rolling in before you spend any on a shop lease or woodworking equipment.


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