Legacy Success Tales, Mike Nugent CNC Success

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Get pleasure from Mike Nugent’s story and the way a Legacy CNC machine modified his life. Mike is a full time fireplace chief and does woodworking half time. See how he made $80Ok this yr producing customized woodworking merchandise for firefighter memorabilia.

Right here is Mike’s enterprise contact data.

Enterprise Identify: Black Pearl Woodworks
Deal with: 16142 east Burns drive
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Telephone Quantity: 954 214 0899
E-mail: MNugent485@aol.com

In case your trying into buying a CNC or just need to be taught extra about them, name 1-800-279-4570 and go to our web site www.lwmcnc.com


Marv Bush says:

I love this story!
I am a tool and Diemaker and I will be buying a machine next year, being in the tooling business for 30+ years, I know this a machine I can make money with.

I can’t wait to get started.

Thank you

Johnson Rocson says:

Better be able to make anything under the sun for a 20 thousand dollar mill

alphasxsignal says:

Sounds like this machine and the support is a good machine. Im looking around for a machine.

Palikaroui says:

How much for the machine. It looks impressive but I guess it has to because is so expensive right. My guess is priced at $80.000. You must be a rich man!!! Good for you if you can afford something you enjoy. Enjoy!!!

OU812 says:

LOL. How does his success have anything to do with Legacy? Absolutely nothing. He could have just as easily chosen a different brand and still be successful.

Roger Muller says:

My experience has been identical to Mike's. The support, service, training are unlike other companies. I must contact at least 25 to 50 companies a year for tech support in woodworking, video, audio, publishing, computer programming etc etc. These guys are in the top 5%. My gosh they are on the internet 2 or 3 hours a week doing training. I have spent 2 days watching them work while I took the free training in their factory. These guys work so hard and intensively it is beyond belief.

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