Metallic and Wooden Nightstands | Make Cash Woodworking

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This video updates you on just a few store issues and exhibits you the way I made a few night time stands I might promote for $1000.

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the individuals we love. That features you! Be part of us as we study to construct furnishings. We would like individuals to know that anybody can promote the furnishings they construct as a side-hustle.

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Ron Tallinger says:

Can you do a video on how you made the leg frames

Harley Haynes says:

put some edge banding on the top of the drawers?

Phillip Vorster says:

Bullshit you'll get $1000 for the set from any buyer for what you built. If you're gonna sell your scam business via YouTube, at least try to be honest about the income potential that can be generated through a working system…

Daniel DeVries says:

Hey great video! What adhesive did you use for wood to metal?

J S Rocker says:

$1000 with no joinery? Pocket hole screws and screwed together butt joints. When you find that sucker send them my way. Not that there's anything wrong with pocket hole screws and butt joints but for $1000 dollars I would need to see some half lap dovetails or something.

Super Fabricator says:

I think this is a great little upstart channel buy that was click bait. I hate to say it but no, those aren't 500 a piece nightstands. 200-250 each… Yes.

Matt Stanislen says:

is that just angle iron enamel coated? welded together or what? Looks beautiful and your insight throughout the video was really reassuring. Finishing up my first ever for profit wood piece. Making a sofa for my sister.

Steven Stepien says:

Did you make the frame for these nightstands or did you purchase them from somewhere?

Greg Maroney says:

I actually own a small wood working business.
Key is get good references
And have amazing pictures.
Within 6 months I'm swamped.

All through Facebook market place

A Cabrera says:

You kept referring to the cookie and the slabs as “reclaimed “ isn’t reclaimed actually reusing previously used wood for something new?

JJ Comparato says:

Smart Man! You will do really good at what you do, good luck.

Oscar González says:

Please be careful with your fingers when you use the table saw, use the stick. Friendly greetings from Mexico:)

Matt Groters says:

Nice tables too.

Matt Groters says:

Great comments about business side of things.

kevin collins says:

Share your experience dont give advice on what you dont have…yet good luck

Ed Daniel says:

Hey man, I really love seeing you two grow in your skills and your enthusiasm. Get you a VOC respirator for spraying, and particulate filters for your respirator for sanding. We want to keep you around for a long time.

Marta Amance says:

You might consider obtaining a good quality jointer, your table tops show the edges where they are joiner together. Or the cheaper mether is to buy yourself a good No 5 hand plane and smooth the edges. Either way you obtain a more professional look to your furniture. One other method you may consider is to use hand scrapers to finish your table tops. By using different thicknesses you can obtain a smoothness you will never get with a sander. And oh, that sawdust on the floor or in the bag, that leaves a better smoothness and finish when you vigorously run the wood with it. Just a couple of thoughts.

joel thoenen says:

Did you make the table? Have someone build it? Or something else?

Paul Santurri says:

Did you make the metal frame?

Tony Brown says:

Awesome and inspirational…. its took your channel to get me to sale my first table. thanks pls keep with the amazing videos.

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