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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the individuals we love. That features you! Be a part of us as we be taught to construct furnishings. We wish individuals to know that anybody can promote the furnishings they construct as a side-hustle.

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Bryan says:

You are going to love the X-carve!!!

Peter Recktenwald says:

Good looking wife!

jeff tyroler says:

I truly enjoy your enthusiasm and although your skills are still being developed your on the right track.

Sophia Smith says:

You got it dude! – Michelle tanner

Henry V Palomeque says:

Keep going guys, great attitude!

Dale Rodey says:

Where in the world do you live that they don't fill propane at 3 degrees? I live in Canada and they still fill propane at -30.

Nathan Voit says:

I love your enthusiasm, but please, please please, stop making furniture out of pine construction lumber. If you're unfamiliar with hardwood, I'll GIVE YOU 500 board feet of rough cut lumber you can start to experiment with. You'll need to come and get it, but please stop with pine. Lastly, every piece of furniture you make, regardless of the price point you sell it at, will be scrutinized by future potential buyers. I've never run across someone that said, " I know it's not perfect, but I didn't pay for perfection I only paid for this quality." Build everything as if you were putting it in a showroom. Every joint, every corner, every finish, everything you build is part of your portfolio, and if you want high end jobs, you better be willing to build high end furniture, and have a portfolio to showcase that high end furniture. Granted, you may loose some of the labor per hour profits, but you will never get a high end client to contact you without proof in the workmanship.

the hobbyist says:

New follower here from Tampa. Congratulations on the new jobs!!

Gary Sheridan says:

Love the NASA shirt. I work at NASA full time. Woodworking is my side hustle

James Jacobsen says:

I love wood working, but having to hustle for your next sale or networking with your friends and family to get projects isn't much fun. I own rentals, so I get the money every month without sales, then I can spend time in the shop solo doing only the projects I wish to do. Occasionally have to do some property management, some of it includes your wood working skills, and guess what, you can write off all those tools as necessary items to manage your property. No hustling/sales/marketing, nada, still make $1000 per building a month.

Dean Mehrkens says:

Hey, what's the deal with ironing the edge? I've watched all your vids, but I don't understand what the iron accomplishes. Can you enlighten?

Double Dare Fan says:

Had to watch this just to find out what you mean by Ferris wheel. Almost thought you were going to build one.
Or maybe something along the lines of this:

Steve Raney says:

I really enjoyed this video. Very informational and interesting

blake102989 says:

You work with wood, build a damn fire or sit inside with your snuggie and watch the notebook 😂

MrMouse says:

What state are you moving to? Warmer?

Lookin lima says:

Maybe you should think about learning more about woodworking and developing the skills before trying to sell products and giving tips or advice. This is constructive criticism, I've been in this business for 30 years.

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