Beginning a Woodworking Channel in 2018 | What We Discovered in Enterprise

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the folks we love. That features you! Be part of us as we study to construct furnishings. We would like folks to know that anybody can promote the furnishings they construct as a side-hustle.

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Jeff Johnson says:

You guys ARE the reason I’ve started my own woodworking business. I started exactly like you did, build furniture to furnish my own home. You guys pushed me over the edge to start selling furniture. Thank you for what you are doing.

Gwen Coonen says:

You guys are a lovely couple and sweet people, keep it up!
I've been thinking for years to start a yt-channel and I know so many different things on a professional level.
But somehow everytime I start recording I have my doubts about the footage and just..don't ..hahaha
I'm great in real life bussiness and had so many great things happening in my life, but coming out here on yt probably just isn't my thing.
I've subbed now and am already hoping to see you guys thrive!
Wish you great succes and many years of fun and pleasure doing what you love!

Freebird Interiors says:

Excellent observations at the start of the video, confirms my own conclusions as I am starting to share more about the business side of running a woodworking business and seeing a lot of interest in this.

John Lambert says:

It’s refreshing to see the business end talked about, most wood workers are horrible at business and need to hear some good sense about sales marketing and business… great job!

JaxCopper says:

Thanks for taking the Sawstop video down and being honest on why you did. I live your videos, but I am a sawstop owner. I am very comfortable around my equipment with a healthy respect for the dangers. My father lost 3.5 fingers in a table saw accident and he was equally comfortable. However doe to a freak accident he lost his fingers. That is the sole reason I purchased my sawstop.

Keep being authentic and real.

Rapidan Custom Woodworks says:

I want yawls program

Nathan Silver says:

I'm probably too late……but I want it!!

Nathan Silver says:

Your authenticity and honesty are one of the reasons I subscribed.
Keep it up, I've been doing wood working for almost 30 years, I'm VERY interested in hearing more about the business side of things.

Joey Peach says:

How did you get your wife involved I make guitar like insterments and my wife don't want anything to do with it lol

BeepO 82 says:

Hi guys. I love your channel. I think it's very uplifting to see a young couple such as yourselves spending so much time and energy on a side business to better your life and share that enthusiasm with others. And I'd be lying if I said I didnt eat a slice of humble pie when I watched your video about catering to different markets. Specifically the McDonald's comment about how anyone can make a better cheese burger but they've sold a billion, which I commented on last month. But… there is one thing that you've stated repeatedly that I think is a poor choice of words on your part. Maybe I'm wrong or I'm missing something but there is a huge difference between working 80hrs a week and being "at work" 80 hrs a week. I hope u take this as constructive criticism and not as an offensive comment. Personally I've both "worked" 80-90 hrs a week (10-14 hrs a day 7 days a week)for a few months when my construction company was booming and couldn't find enough help, and been "at work" 70-80hrs a week when I first took my site supervisor job and had to take second job working security overnight to cover the initial gap in income while we adjusted. The former nearly broke me every time and it was more often than ud think for over a decade. The latter was a walk in the park by comparison. So while I don't think ur being arrogant flexing your work schedule to the masses I find it slightly offensive for u to say "find the time… I work 80 hrs a week". Like I said, I could be wrong. But I'd be remiss if I didnt advocate for all the young tradesmen out there who "work" 40-50 hard hrs, then do side jobs after hours and weekends.

Saint Charles Design Group says:

I want the program

Saint Charles Design Group says:

I have been woodworking and doing home repairs for over 40 years and just recently was forced to move and lost all of my tools and am now trying to get new ones. It's hard now because I am older but I totally get it about what you said around @19:47 you can lose everything and still you have your education and experiences to back you up. Thanks for sharing and good luck. Good vids.

MrMouse says:

Where are you moving to?

glenn anderson says:

To quote Alfred Dunhill of London " If the goods and services are first class then financial gain is sure to follow"

Trey walker says:

Am I number 3? I want the program.

Rob H says:

Love seeing young enthusiastic entrepreneurs being creative. Keep showing your generation and the next generations that making a living doing something you love is worth the effort.

BinleyClan says:

I enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing!

Daniel Domani says:

I couldn't find a dm on your IG…. ????? LOL

Robbyn Feuston says:

Congratulations on your first year! Great content. You've been very inspirational and informative. I'm going thru the same process of starting up my own business and your videos have been very helpful. Thanks for your time and effort. Definitely appreciated!

Southern Ginger Workshop says:

Congrats on 7k!!

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