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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the individuals we love. That features you! Be part of us as we study to construct furnishings. We would like individuals to know that anybody can promote the furnishings they construct as a side-hustle.

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David Gameiro says:

My condolences. I love the “new business” aspect of you videos and the projects as well. It’s a good mix of both, I’m a beginner woodworker, starting to have enough courage to actually charge people for the stuff I make (partially thanks to y’all) I really enjoy the business part of your videos.

Kürşat Aykal says:

There are lots of woodworking project videos even better than you but you are definitely the best and most honest in bussiness of woodworking. I got lots of tricks by your videos 👌👏👏👏
Greetings from Turkey 🤙

Guillaume Laurent says:

I like the business tips parts.

Ernie Lozano says:

WD-40 to remove sticker glue off. Spray on, rub off, then clean off WD-40.

Carlos Lopez says:

To remuve glue like that i use (Off spray repellant)

Christopher Leyburn says:

I really enjoy the business side of your videos, lots of good tips, please keep them coming.

Joshua Eury says:

My condolences. I love the business side of your vids. Just started my own furniture business and I have already used tips and tricks learned from you two. Definitely want to take your courses!

ItsA SisterThing says:

Would rather see the woodworking less talking kinda stopped watching if I can see it’s gonna be more talking than doing

Double Dare Fan says:

Do WW vids as well as Bizz vids.
Warm the stickers. A hairdryer will do. Then they'll come right off. Got stubborn stickers? Non-chlorinated brake cleaner will make short work of 'em (do it outside; the fumes are awful!). My preferred brand is by Auto zone. O'Reiley's leaves a residue.
Build something for your Cat. Then video the results. You just might get some business from the lolcat crowd.
Dude! You're makin' me dizzy!

Hemingford recycled designs says:

Combination of both is good just talking into the camera gets boring , love your channel

John Albrecht says:

Btw so you know .
When someone says they need to talk to a spouse
It means I don’t have the balls to say no to your face.

John Albrecht says:

What I dislike is your title says who should you talk to when….
Then I gotta watch a video about putting together a CNC machine .
About half way through I just clicked off and didn’t even get to what I wanted to here.

Paul Buckel Jr says:

I seem to like all aspects of your videos. You're a fun couple to watch and I appreciate your realistic approach to business. And I like cats. Paint thinner usually works on most stickers. Wipe it on with a rag and come back 5 minutes later. Happy New Year!

mitchell dierks says:

Business for sure!

Brendan Keyhoe says:

Even though I'm not making my hobby into a business, I still like knowing the path that you two are taking and how it is going. Must admit though, I skipped all the end of the video as the chair turning got a bit much to look at! Love the vids though… keep them coming.

אברהם הרצוג says:

Don't change anything about your channel because I like it the most like this please don't change a bit woodworking and a bit shop Mastering and now the CNC machine it's great like this!!!

Ron Austin says:

I only work in wood turning and reclaimed wood projects, but really enjoy both aspects of your videos. Thank you.

mrbilldo4 says:

I like the business tips/strategies mixed in with footage of your current builds.

Andrew Beard says:

I love a healthy mixture of project builds and business tips

Nuts and Bolts says:

I prefer the business and sales aspect of your videos. Also enjoy learning more about the “algorithm” that YouTube wants to inspire me to become a successful creater.

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