Woodworking Business Productivity – 8 Ways To Improve Productivity In Your Commercial Wood Shop

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http://bit.ly/MakeMoneyWoodworking — The more productive you are, the more profitable you’ll be. It really is that simple.

There are 2 primary factors that directly affect the prices you can charge for your woodworking products.

1. The cost of materials and…
2. The cost of labour.

Apart from shopping around and finding the best possible sources of supply – you are still faced with the fixed costs of whatever raw materials go into your products.

The one area in which you have any control is your labour costs. By maximizing productivity, you minimize costs, allowing for more potential profit.

Here are 8 ways to improve productivity in your woodworking business:
1. Use More Prefabricated Parts.
2. Monitor Commonly Used Supplies.
3. Keep All Cutting Edges Sharp.
4. Visualize The Finished Product and Reverse-Engineer Production.
5. Create A Flow Chart of All Production Steps and Assign Times
.6. Clean The Shop At The End Of The Day.
7. Stay Focused.
8. Block Out Distractions.

Adapt these ideas as quickly as possible and watch your productivity soar. Being as productive and efficient as possible is the key to earning maximum profits from your woodworking shop – no matter what kind of products you produce.


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Agree on 1 and 2 !

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