#1horsearmy, Extra new woodworking gear

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I purchased a brand new hand planer and a brand new set of calipers.
Hyperlink to the calipers: https://www.menards.com/principal/tools-hardware/hand-tools/measuring-layout-tools-accessories-kits/general-tools-reg-6-outside-caliper/2794/p-1444431235560-c-9149.htm?tid=-2710588990262357740&ipos=7
Hyperlink to the hand planer: https://www.menards.com/principal/tools-hardware/hand-tools/hand-saws-cutting-tools/stanley-reg-7-adjustable-block-plane/12-220/p-1444425462544-c-9123.htm?tid=-8258362043372055451&ipos=10
These instruments will be discovered at Menard’s shops.


captainjerk says:

I haven't had one of those calipers in a while.
The last one I had was stolen from me.

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

I've never used a caliper, looks like an interesting tool…

NICK'S SHOP. says:

great video….

saneauto says:

I like those calipers gonna click your link

Brads Workbench says:

Let me know if you would be interested in this https://youtu.be/uiak8Vvbu7s

Muscle Car Appraisal says:

Cool Tools!! 👍👍✌

diy dark matter says:

hey one tool at a time will add up to many before its over brother . nice add ons to your collection .

Jason Ng says:

Great video & channel Horses Shop..love it stay connect

Brads Workbench says:

Livestream turning tonight?



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