Wonderful Quickest Wooden Sawmill Machines Working – Wooden Chopping Machine Fashionable Know-how

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Wonderful Quickest Wooden Sawmill Machines Working
– Wooden Chopping Machine Fashionable Know-how, chopping large tree straightforward

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Machines R Us says:

putting a video in 2x speed then calling it worlds fastest is just plain stupid.

HAY WOOD says:

Next time don't fast forward the clips. Got everyone in the back ground running like crazy. I'm no dummy.

DL Solar says:

Video recorded in fast forward! Thumbs Down!

michael paulissen says:

Would e much more interesting if this was done in real time. To get a better understanding of the equipment capabilities.

david tarzwell says:

Should sharpen his chain saw

Mike Sokolow says:

The blind man at the lumbermill: "I saw the wood".

Gabriel Ruvalcaba says:

I've noticed how this video is taped with exaggerated
Speed watch the operator on head movement

Hoàng Chiều. Quảng Ninh says:

Tốc độ của lưỡi cưa nghe đã thích rồi 👍

chahaya zin says:

Mantap 👍😎

Аркадий Мгдсян says:

моё оригинальное видео по этой ссилке! @

New world says:

Nice vidoe.
The Wood is something. Lol

самый Дрыщь says:

Зря вы так с природой!

Erona Calloway says:

Yeah it’s FAST when you speed up the playback, the camera movement GIVES IT AWAY and the operator looks as if he’s drank 10 gallons of Coffee, Idiots

Mike Andrews says:

if you want to see actual modern sawmill production go check out an industrial sawmill. none of the equipment shown sped up in this video is modern in an industrial sawmill. I know this because I worked in a sawmill 20 years ago. this crap wasn't modern then! A typical sawmill will cut 1.5 million boardfeet of lumber in a single shift. band saws are used to slab each log before more band saws are used to cut it into whichever board thickness they are producing at that particular time. round saw blades are only used to cut lengths, why? because round sawblades are expensive, not only to buy but to maintain also(sharpening, tooth replacement, etc.) band saws have been used instead of round saw blades for 50 years because they just last longer. and any real sawmill de-barks the logs before any blade touches them.

Tom Knocker says:

Stopped after the first two. That's medieval technology

karan jangam says:

Tree's are our life… Please don't cut them… ,,😓😓😓

Thami Hansika says:

Top technilogie

Fon says:

Съемка ускоренп

mike mcdaniel says:

Some of those I don't think you would want to get your pee pee caught up in !!!

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