Superb Massive Wooden Sawmill with World Longest Chainsaw Machines EVER!

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Equipment Presents is a channel that exhibits:
– Climbing Excessive The Prime Down Chopping Down Big Timber
– Agriculture Gear and Machines
– Chopping Down Timber with Lengthy Chainsaw, Sawmill
– Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoe Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Widespread Dump Vehicles and Different Building Gear



aminadabe cosme azarias says:

I work with wood here in Brazil, I would like to get a job in the area in foreign country. I make beautiful furniture, rustic furniture, I would like to do there, I see you have wood for it. If possible send me a WhatsApp. 62-981457011 So that I can send you some photos. Thanks in advance for your attention, a hug.

aminadabe cosme azarias says:

Good afternoon, my friend, I'd like to know which country this is. Congratulations on the job.

G Harris says:

nice work. i wouldnt want to see the fail viedo for this type of milling lol

100gvolpe says:

Anni fa si tagliavano a mano! Oggi il taglio avviene con le macchine! Video molto bello!

Stephen Roth says:

Wonder how often they service and sharpen their saws !?!? Maybe not often enough …

Ivana Notyers says:

Is there some sort of chain Oiler here?

Michael Campbell says:

There I see he listened.

Michael Campbell says:

While he’s on the phone tell him to put on his fucking safety glasses.

Gazi Erkoc says:

Hayırlı cumalar sizede

Clive KC says:

That's some beautiful wood there.

Christopher Lovelock says:

I used to work in a wood yard in the UK and we had a couple of electric 3-phase (440v) chain saws that took 2 men to carry (and operate) that would make that thing look like a 'starter saw' from a kiddies set. I think they were made by a firm called "Telles" – (if my memory serves me right) – they were very slow running not like the petrol engined jobs, we used them to cut the big 'hardwood' logs the firm dealt in.

Tim Manor says:

Am I the only one that noticed ?? Electric saw while standing in water??

America 1st MAGA says:

Japan or Korea?

C. Méndez says:

that's a very old tree,maybe a 1,000 yrs. old.

Andrew Hayes says:

How do they make this pay? it takes forever to make a cut!

Gate Watchers says:

I have experience cutting a bigger tree than this.A forty feet that weighs around 50tons .

WelLRoundeDSquarE says:

It seems very clear to me that all of his chains have the depth gauge ground too low, causing the chain to grab and chatter. That part of the chain is intended to stop that from happening. More is NOT always better. <:/)

草刈機チェーンソー says:


Luc Malenfant says:

Using an electric chainsaw standing in the water….. Bravo !

Ambrose Mackinnon says:

That saw is way too dlow it would take two weeks to saw that log into boards

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