Wonderful Fashionable Wooden Sawmill Machines, Excessive Automated Wooden Slicing Machine

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Wonderful Fashionable Wooden Sawmill Machines, Excessive Automated Wooden Slicing Machine
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Otto Stierlitz says:

for this music, for music in a machinery video at all, i would love to throw you in to the fucking sawmill

Роман Аллахвердов says:

🤣 В России два бухих мужика в ручную делают в три раза больше!!!!

Marc Clarke says:

The completely unnecessary music track is just horrible.

rajinder goraya says:

Bohat hi bardia wonderful

Stephan Hentschel says:

Kinderarbeit? Ist nach meines wissens Weltweit verboten!!!!

Paul Coppel says:

Xxxxxxxxxxxcc @ google Mail benzinpreise u

juppheidi says:

This is a job that machines already did some hundred years ago. When does this machine pay itself?

ak Alksdr says:

That open operator's cabin sure makes for a dusty environment.

j Karlsson says:

You forget to write DANGEROUS

Tmukesh Mukesh says:

How much prise this misan



Alaa Mohieddine says:

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Отец Николай says:

Могли бы и пылесос подключить! Манголы.

Tribhuwan Raj says:

What price is machine please help me

inus shekh says:

super cutting sir

ATMAtim says:

That sound you call music drove me crazy. You missed a 5* because of it.

Юрий Шугин says:

За такими красивыми кнопками ещё и в перчатках!

John Chartrand says:

Music spoils the video. Need a good narration and drop the music

frank says:

Wheres the huge log?

Dima Smirnov says:

Надо же, до чего Россия продвинулась

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