Greatest CNC Machine – The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router – Legacy Woodworking

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This video features a full stroll round on options and companies for Legacy’s Maverick 4X8 Multi-Station CNC Router System.

Video Index:

Why Legacy created the Maverick 4X8 – zero:30

Prime 11 Options – 1:15

Legacy Providers – 6:47

Maverick 4X8 Value Break Down – eight:59

Full Spec Sheet – 9:46

If in case you have extra questions, name 1-801-491-0010 or go to our web site at


Bryan Glover says:

How do I order and what’s the price

mani .g says:

do you supply to india

RDE Lutherie says:

Looks really good, but to say "You can walk away and do other projects while it completes the job automatically" is like saying none of the others do, and in reality if it doesn't, it's not a CNC (Computer Numerical Control). They all do, and many change bits and then some too without the user needing to do it manually.

Also: None of the links the moderator points to are there! And how about a link to your website in the description text (below the video)????


Hi from Brasil. Do you have distributors here?

Vasim Malek says:

Do you supply to india?


It is possible buy it in colombia?


What is the name for this machine in spanish?

Jeremy McClanahan says:

Is there training available for your product?

Mame Classic Quarters says:

Total cost of the unit in Canadian with shipping to Toronto?

Luis Florentino Rojas says:

Necesito un CNC como el Legaci como compro sistema de arrastre y operativo

rubel ahmed says:

please please boss model number & model name please

Robert Baker says:

What is the position repeatability accuracy of the Maverick?

alphasxsignal says:

Looks like a nice machine.. Im looking for a sturdy machine that can repeat parts over and over and be the same.

Legacy Woodworking Machinery says:

To see full details, including pricing, on Legacy's Maverick 4X8 CNC machine, visit our website at

Johanes Purwatmo says:

How Much Price WA : 628122820568 email :

Aditya Kumar says:

can I purchase in India and what is Price?

Bezumec TV says:

likes and subscriptions

alberto bravo says:

good night a question sent to countries like Chile and is 49 inches wide and how long is the machine

Paulo Iadocicco says:

como faço para saber valores e como compra-la aqui no brasil?

Dave's Cave says:

do you supply to Australia

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