Clever Woodworking Equipment – Harmful Expertise Turbo Sawmill Abilities Quickest

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Take Me Now says:

The first machines created the premise for the machine industry later. The Japanese are smart and creative

Cute BalOch says:

1 subscribe back dear

Şahane bilgiler says:

Great antique technologies. These machines are very nostalgia. Map of humanity with intelligence and determination what will be done .. Thank you very much.I'm sorry about the guy who fell from the last tree.

Technology CNC Machine says:

Machinery technology half a century ago

hoang hai says:

Good idea . I like this video

CNC Intelligent says:

backward machinery. I do not have the money to borrow. Instead of the current CNC powerhouse

علي علي والي ظاهر says:


aloha bom says:

Good machine

Rosario Agro says:

Деревья от отомстили)))

yasser- abdelsalam says:

كام ثمن خط الانتاج

Gerhard Binder says:

Wo sind das Moderne Intelligente Maschinen ? Aber bei US-Amis ist alles das 60 Jahre alt ist oder ÄLTER Modern und Intelligent. Daumen nach unten für soviel Dummheit man sieht das Täglich bei den AMIS,nebenbei sind die Aufnahmen Beweis genug für die sogenannte INTELLIGENZ der AMI WELT

Nikola Romanos says:

Fucking chinese company they don't care for their workers, no gloves, no safety shoes, no helmit only short pants.

Safe Line Fleet says:

Latest , Intelligent weren't found anywhere in the video. Some dangerous ones, yes. No Technology, no skills and definitely not the fastest. Sure you know the meaning of these English words?

wrench41m says:

how bout losing he idiotic music

Car BMW says:

From the 20th century people have created modern machines. Good Video Thank Latest Machinery !!!

Jacky Do says:

This is a very beautiful piece of wood

construction machine says:

machines from the 20th century

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