Legacy Woodworking Equipment sells refurbished machine as NEW! (2018)

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Legacy Woodworking Equipment. Good day. My title is Tolu. I personal three cnc machines. The second machine got here from Legacy and it was a catastrophe. My present machine is the very best in its class with ALL the bells and whistles. For instance, Legacy Woodworking Equipment says, with pleasure, that the Maverick has a strong 3HP spindle. My present machine has a 7.5HP HSD Italian spindle. I don’t want buyer assist or weekly webinar lessons. Legacy Woodworking Equipment sells badly constructed cnc machines to newbies utilizing extremely choreographed movies the place all the issues are conveniently edited out. Newbies will all the time run into issues. Legacy Woodworking Equipment then proudly supply “glorious after gross sales assist” to type out points that shouldn’t be there if the machines had been properly constructed within the first place. Newbies begin to assume they aren’t clever sufficient when the issue is definitely the defective cnc machine. Legacy Woodworking Equipment claims that their cnc machines are 5 axis. It is a lie as a result of Legacys machines are actually 4 axes with an adjustable mattress. Legacy Woodworking Equipment makes use of these movies to persuade newbies that the complicated tools could be very simple to function. Legacy Woodworking Equipment use phrases like “…very very quick and the setup is a bit of cake” (Four-axis CNC Leg @ 00.50 minutes). “Understand that the Four hours of labor is completed by the cnc, not by you. You merely flip it on, begin this system and do one thing else whereas the cnc makes you cash”. (Investing in a Legacy CNC versus the Inventory Market @ 03.44 minutes). “Legacy takes the work out of woodworking” (DemoDVD @ 05.38 minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment tells newbies that the cnc is the one instrument you want. Legacy Woodworking Equipment says newbies don’t want important instruments just like the thickneser and desk noticed. Legacy Woodworking Equipment says “This double sided method eliminates the necessity for a router desk and different store instruments (Adjustable Stool – Legs and Threaded Shaft). Legacy Woodworking Equipment then confesses that they use quite a lot of these supporting tools. One video exhibits a Legacy Woodworking Equipment’s worker utilizing a rubber mallet (Adjustable Stool – Legs and Threaded Shaft @ 01.20 minutes) and a desk noticed (The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router @ 01.36minutes). Tracy of Legacy Woodworking Equipment stated “I’ve gone to the desk noticed to tear the inventory and minimize it to size after which you need to use a joiner to make it completely flat and a thickness planer to dimension the inventory…”. Tracy of Legacy Woodworking Equipment then makes use of a drum sander to smoothen the inventory (Bombe Jewellery Field Half 1 @ 1.40 minutes). Tracy of Legacy Woodworking Equipment may also be seen utilizing an electrical drill (Wooden Pens with a rope twist @ 01.19 minutes) and drill press(Wooden Pens with a rope twist @ 07.37 minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment declare that the machines are constructed utilizing heavy responsibility welding when they’re really produced from skinny metallic sheets folded and welded with gaps at common intervals to save cash on welding electrodes (Adjustable Stool – Legs and Threaded Shaft @ 01.22 minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment inform newbies that they will earn 3500% return on funding in a month in the event that they purchase just one cnc machine (Investing in a Legacy CNC versus the Inventory Market @ Four.29 minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment makes grand statements that you’ll assume that they invented G-Code. Their video says “The truth is Legacy invented the decorative mill.” (DemoDVD @ 01.27 minutes). Legacy ought to persuade us by presenting patent paperwork. Legacy Woodworking Equipment “distinctive good instrument spark off” is a typical function in virtually each workshop CNC the place they’re referred to as instrument sensors. Legacy Woodworking Equipment says they’ve “…pioneered distinctive manufacturing methods…” (The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router @ 03.03minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment pioneered carved inlay method (Investing in a Legacy CNC versus the Inventory Market @ 02.52 minutes). Legacy Woodworking Equipment’s commerce up program makes them refurbish previous machines and promote them to the following cnc rookie that walks in like they did to me.Legacy Woodworking Equipment proposes 10 12 months amortization interval for machines that won’t final 5 years (The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router @ 09.36minutes) in order that they calculate a decrease price per hour. Legacy Woodworking Equipment additionally stated a 20mm floor planing bit from magnate.internet is the one floor planing bit “within the trade that’s floor flat on the backside” (Legacy CNC three Station Demonstration @ 01.10 minutes) when such bits are freely out there as they’re often known as “Backside Cleansing Bits” of which I take advantage of considered one of 55mm diameter. Legacy Woodworking Equipment make pointless bombast about their “25 years expertise” (Legacy CNC Fluted Sq. Put up Demonstration @ 01.13) when Okuma, Japan, celebrating 130 years and Bacci, Italy, is celebrating 100 years. Legacy Woodworking Equipment’s “distinctive 5 axis cnc” is certainly distinctive as a result of different producers contemplate this “distinctive” function too insignificant to waste cash on.


Ronan Rogers says:

Caveat emptor. Thanks for your opinions in the various videos you have posted. If it’s all the same, I’ll ignore your opinions as they are based on comparisons between CNC machines of vastly different price points,; your one bad experience with a very old Legacy product (the Arty); and a childlike ability to take every pronouncement by Legacy in extremely literal terms. No reasonable consumer expects any single CNC to manufacture an F35.

Ricky Figueroa says:

What is Mach 3?

Bill Anderson says:

I assume such a machine has a warranty?

Amado Apolinario says:

Hey, maybe your machine was just an exception, you know, maybe it wuz built on a monday morning when they still have a hangover from the weekend or what

Dave Mone says:

Like, men, this in a small penised fucktard. My condolences

Tom Zhan says:

Sorry about your bad luck. Quick question: can the cnc work on foam?

Michael Merrill says:

Like I have stated in past videos I have been using there machines since 98 and have had great experience with the company and the after sales training and classes are hard to find in company's these days out of all the machines I own legacy's and epilog laser after sales are top notch

Scott Marsden says:

Sad, sad, very sad. These machines cost cost too much for them not to work. How did you survive this financial blunder?

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