woodworking machinery martin planer martin jointer butfering wbs knapp combo saw

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All the equipment you see in this video will be for sale starting Wednesday October 14th 2009. All transactions will be by privater treaty with LIMZ Machinery Group LLC, Laurence Earner, Manager; (718) 871-2211.
You can find all of these machines listed in WWW.LIMZmachinery.com on the liquidation page.
Please call with any questions. Inspections can be arranged.


Karuneela Vannan says:

Hello! There is a huge collection of wood builds on => https://plus.google.com/110772857933664571003/posts/YqW2cfgyUHs

Khalid Hassan says:

Hi hi! Have you considered – jamdun woodworking (search on google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my sister got cool resources with it.

Jack Palmer says:

Looks like someone who knew the name of quality woodworking tools but nothing about actually doing any work,went on a buying spree. No saw dust anywhere. This is someone who had a lot of money but no skills. Pretty sad really.

Carol L. Carpenter says:

For more than 5yrs, I waste time and cash buying woodworking books, programs but many of them left me much more question than solution.

Vicki S. Gambill says:

For more than 5 years, I invest cash and time purchasing woodworking ebooks, programs but most of them left me much more question than answer.

Woodland Interiors says:

real shame!  

Niko D. says:

от же сука позёр..

Hamida akter says:

Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you tried – Antonello Astonishing Woodwork Takeover (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend after many years produced the best woodwork piece of art with it. 

Александр Клюй says:

Моя мечта

willian arguello says:

Tienes muchas herramientas, todo limpio, ordenado, le felicito.
no entiendo lo que ha dicho, pero sí lo que he visto. seguro que esto es para tu entretenimiento, me pregunto de donde sale tu salario.
Soy impresor pero me gusta hacer algunas cosas en madera y metal.

steven lang says:

It would still be intesting what happen here with with shop or business – why did it go belly up or why did it go on the cutting block. What was or was going to be made here with all the very expensive equipement??? Sure would like to know the story be hind this! If so let me know millingchips@gmail.com– appriciate the understandings!

Bob Kleps says:

10 out of 5

shamrock4500 says:

oh, the things I could build

As Bo says:

Because they guy didn't know his apex from his tip when it comes to actually USING the tools.

tcrusader says:

Did u win the lottery

Alejandra Arias says:

@bxjqpnv sure is right I was desperately searching for some wood working plans for my new house. listen to this a friend of mine working with Top Class furnitures said these designs are the main models for attractive wooden furnitures and wooden crafts. have a look here ==> bit.ly/LVp6rx?=gvztbw

vitiland says:

Dear Santa…

Atif Hasan says:

I am extremely sad to see this marvelous shop being sold out. i would have died of the sorrow had this shop belonged to me and being sold. 🙁
God bless the owner !!

BajaCalifornia_TRD says:

I wanna see something built…by you ..

Ann andy says:

You can find all of these machines listed in QD-CHAMP.COM on the liquidation page.

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